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The Closer: Sweet on Brenda

Season 3 of the TNT drama The Closer just began and not a moment too soon for some of us Candy Addicts. The main character of Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson attacks candy and sweets with as much gusto as she attacks her job (which is to say, pretty aggressively). Since Season 1 Brenda has sneaked […]

Candy Review: Life Savers Fruit Tarts

For a long time my official “car candy” was Altoids. I liked the regular flavor, but my husband preferred wintergreen, so we kept two tins on hand (but his disappeared first, since his habit was to crunch through several Altoids at a time!). Oh, but I digress. My current car candy is the tart and […]

Licorice Candy Review: Hint Mints and Chateau d’Lanz

This month’s Licorice of the Month Club selections included a couple of somewhat unique confections and a tasty old standby. I started with the Chateau D’Lanz Swiss Licorice. It comes in a pretty gold foil bag and is described as “The Ultimate Hard Licorice Drop.” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the picture […]

Vote for Chris Pratt from in Yahoo’s Ultimate Connection Contest

A true Candy Addict, Chris Pratt from is a top 5 finalist in Yahoo’s Ultimate Connection contest, but he needs your vote. There’s just a few days left in the voting – so drop by the contest page and cast a vote for Chris. Be sure and watch his entry video – it’s a […]

Candy Review: Cup O Gold

I have heard that Cup O Gold is the West Coast’s answer to the Mallo Cup. There are differences, of course, like how Cup O Gold adds almonds to the mix and also comes in a single cup package. Speaking of the package, it’s quite attractive. It’s a nice rich chocolate brown background with “Cup […]