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Starburst Little Lad: Creepy or Cool?

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The Little Lad Berries N Creme Commercial

I’ve been putting this off for a long time, but I must face my fear if I’m ever going to get over it. I have a confession to make. I’m disturbed by the Starburst Berries and Creme Little Lad. Extremely disturbed.

The screechy voice, the bizarre dance, his troubling addiction to Starburst, and especially his little pants and leggings, they all just creep me out. I now have an aversion to trying the Berries N Creme Starburst. I don’t think I have Little Ladaphobia, but the mere thought of supporting the creation of more commercials with the Little Lad makes me want to boycott Starburst. Unfortunately, I do love those original fruit chews (orange being my favorite), so I’m in a bit of a dilemma.

I shouldn’t fault the company for putting together a memorable ad campaign, but the commercial (and the accompanying dance) isn’t making me want to try Berries and Creme. Am I the only one out there who feels like this? Am I alone in my distress? Comment and share, and maybe we can work through our problems together.

The Little Lad Dance Tutorial

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27 Responses to “Starburst Little Lad: Creepy or Cool?”

  1. 1
    betsy says:


  2. 2
    Cat says:

    I hate this commercial too. I really wish they would get rid of it. He annoys me to NO END.

  3. 3
    Sera says:

    He’s definately creepy, but in a appealing way, at least for me. Same thing with the Burger King, so creepy yet I love it!

    For some reason this Lad reminds me of Davey Jones from his Monkees/broadway years. :P

  4. 4
    bill says:

    He’s definitely creepy — a character that would only appeal to Pee Wee Herman (and possible not even him). I do not understand how this is supposed to attract me to the product. Quite the reverse — it makes me shudder at the thought of it.

  5. 5
    Ladytink_534 says:

    That is so scary

  6. 6
    Lauryn says:

    You are so not alone.

  7. 7
    bibliochef says:

    Yep, me too.

  8. 8
    diana says:

    Extremely creepy!!! Are they going for some type of weird commercial run or something? Trust me, this is not cute

  9. 9
    Natalie says:

    no whats scary is that you posted the little lad dance tutorial on your site… :P

  10. 10
    Emily says:

    Ahh!! Soo creepy…I’m just that they don’t seem to be showing it in Canada. *shudder*

  11. 11
    ella says:

    I LOVE it. It’s weird and unusual which is a release from the same ole’ crap that usually is an american commercial.

  12. 12
    Ladytink_534 says:

    I’m all for weird and original but that is just seriously messed up. It really gives me the creeps!

  13. 13
    little bit says:

    I find him to be rather creepy. The tutorial helps a bit. (Not much though)
    I can stand him way better than Burger King though. Ugh,just when you think those ads can’t get worse, they do.

  14. 14
    Martin says:

    I love the little guy.

    He’s fun to watch, and I love the little remixes that are made of him. They’re… Hilarious. Especially when shown to friends on their Wii’s.

  15. 15
    Mark says:

    Yeah the little lad is a bit creepy. But not as creepy as this recent sour Skittles ad:

  16. 16
    Rachel says:

    He is awesome! I have him as my ringtone on my phone and I’m going to be him for Halloween. I wil admit that I was creeped out the first time I saw it, but now I just love it.

  17. 17
    gant77 says:

    I actually love this commercial and I did the dance as well! LOL!!! It’s just so stupid but it’s silly and funny at the same time. It grew on me big time:)

  18. 18
    Angel H. says:

    Well, I’ve seen worse.

    Seeing him on TV, he doesn’t really creep me out, but if he were to come up to me and give me that weird grin and then started to sing and dance, then yeah…I’d be freaked out.

    But the Burger King…Dude gives me nightmares.

    Oh, and before I forget: Tag!

  19. 19
    Amber says:

    OMG Mark, I totally agree with you. That Sour Skittles ad is WORSE than the Starburst Lad. *shudder*

  20. 20
    Little Lad says:

    You dislike the little lad do you? You think it wont attract you to the pro-duct, well.. youre still talking about the comercial arrrent yooou? muahahahahaha

  21. 21
    litmus says:

    i love this commercial… the lad dance video on the starburst web site is even better. and i love starburst. but i have to admit, i hate berries and cream starburst. they taste like crap.

  22. 22
    Kek says:

    when this commercial first came out, I dont think i was in question for so long. Then it grew on me and I just laugh at it and love it now. And I know a ton who agree with me. XD

  23. 23
    Z says:

    i love little lad! for the same reason i love clowns! weeeeeeeeeee

  24. 24
    Sin says:

    I love the part when he tilts his head during his song! He is awesome!!! But a**holes are like opinions everyones gotta have 1!

  25. 25
    hannah says:

    he makes me want to cry, man. he’s half entertaining and all traumatizing.

  26. 26
    Sarah says:


  27. 27
    FLooD says:

    LOL I thought it was the best commercial I’ve ever seen. He’s the definition of Arnold’s term “girly man”.

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