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Licorice Candy Review: Hint Mints and Chateau d’Lanz

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This month’s Licorice of the Month Club selections included a couple of somewhat unique confections and a tasty old standby.
Chateau D'Lanz
I started with the Chateau D’Lanz Swiss Licorice. It comes in a pretty gold foil bag and is described as “The Ultimate Hard Licorice Drop.” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the picture on the Licorice International website, I thought they would perhaps be similar to a softer drop but in a firm texture. However, I was mistaken.

For one thing, the drops I received were completely squished down and stuck together. This may have been from melting, but I’m not entirely sure. I paid careful attention to the advice on the back of the package to “Suck, don’t chew!” and popped one in my mouth. Due to the strange shape, it wasn’t very comfortable, but I persevered. I quickly discovered that they were quite hard, but soon softened. However, they were extremely sticky and definitely posed a hazard to any loose fillings.

Flavor wise, the drops were not my favorite. They weren’t quite as sweet as I would like, and the flavor was a bit too reminiscent of anise instead of licorice root.
Black Licorice Hint Mint
Next up was a box of Black Licorice Hint Mints. I love the black box with sliding top – much cooler than Altoids boxes, in my humble opinion. The candy itself, however, I could do without. It tasted very strongly of menthol, so much so that it was difficult to taste the licorice at all. I didn’t even make it through one piece; the flavor just reminded me too much of VapoRub.

Last but not least were some licorice soft chews, which were very similar to some licorice buttons I reviewed previously. As an old standby, these are not to be missed.

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