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Candy Review: Colo Galita

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Coco Galita Package

I had a friend bring back this box of strange candy from a recent trip to Japan. I can certainly understand why, it’s such an attractive box! When I read the name “Colo Galita” I was very confused. What the heck does the name mean? I am aware that a lot of English names in Japan don’t make sense (take MeltyKiss and Crunky for example), but this seems to just cross into the “bizarre” category for me. The candy’s name doesn’t give me any clues as to what it could be, so it just might as well be jibberish. Something tells me Colo Galita would be good friends with Bubu Lubu.

Coco Galita candy

I opened the box and it was filled with the little candies – should I call them little “Colo Galitas”? The candies are hexagonal shaped with a cookie crust that is filled with chocolate. They look like cute little tarts! The image on the back of the box shows that inside the chocolate center sits a pocket of caramel. The packet itself smells of a nice bittersweet chocolate – robust, sweet, and chocolatey.

Coco Galita Inside

The taste is a disappointment – it’s just so bland! The cookie crust is very crunchy and doesn’t taste of anything. The chocolate is also flavorless and waxy. I wouldn’t have noticed the caramel at all if it wasn’t for the illustration on the box. You can’t really sense it at all and it’s so small that the texture of the caramel is overridden by the chocolate and crust. Biting the candy in half did prove there’s a caramel center in there, but again, it’s so small I’m surprised they bothered. Hardly seems worth all the work in manufacturing. It’s benign at best. Ah well, at least the box is cute.

Japanese, Lotte

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9 Responses to “Candy Review: Colo Galita”

  1. 1
    wendy says:

    Japaness always like to pick a weird name for foods. Even though my country is next to Japan, I have no ideas about this name.

  2. 2
    Fluffy says:

    My first impression of the name is that it might be Splanish, not Engrish. If my somewhat-eroded Spanish serves me, “Coco Gallitas” would be a (slightly weirdly phrased) way of saying “little chocolate cookies.”

    Maybe Japanese headline writers are diversifying…

  3. 3
    Aaron Jackson says:

    “They look like cute little tarts!” I gotta tell ya, I was thinking more along the lines of dog food. Not that they taste bad (I wouldn’t know), but I’m not seeing the “cute little tarts” thing. Maybe it’s just me?

  4. 4
    Aaron Jackson says:

    I decided to do a little test. I opened just the image in the browser and asked my wife to come in with her eyes closed. I told her that when she opened her eyes to say the first word that came to mind. Sure enough, “dog food”!

  5. 5
    Alyssa says:

    looks similar

  6. 6
    Terry says:

    Typical Japanese chocolate really. Very pretty packaging, but very disappointing products. I’ve noticed this with a lot of their stuff, see the Japanese Aeros and Morinaga’s Petit Cheesecake. Ugh…

  7. 7
    Goob says:

    Hey, those are like Pods from Australia! How I miss those things. Pods are just like these, except they come in different flavors of candy bars. Mars, Twix, Snickers, etc. Go for the Twix flavor is you’re ever there :)

    Here’s a rough picture I found of them.

  8. 8
    stefan says:

    wow. yet another Japanese candy. is full of them. whoopie.

  9. 9
    Chocolicious says:

    mmmm….these strange Japanese cookies reminded me of one of my childhood favorites, the Koalas March cookies..little koala-shaped cookies filled with chocolate, strawberry, or peanut butter, with a picture on each cookie depicting koalas doing different things (playing instruments, sports, etc.) Can you do a review of those?

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