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Elvis PEZ Dispensers

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Elvis PEZ Dispensers
Ever since it’s appearance in The Client (how’s that for some candy/movie trivia?), collectors have been looking to get their own Elvis PEZ dispenser. Until now, it had only been in the realm of movies and fantasy PEZ makers, until now.

Recently announced is the Elvis box set from PEZ. Including three, count ‘em THREE, different Elvis (Elvi? Elvises?), there’s Young Elvis, Military Elvis and Vegas Elvis. Also included is a three song CD of Elvis songs.

While not officially released until June 25th, according to a person I spoke with at PEZ, the limited edition sets are already starting to pop up on eBay and other online retailers. They also stated that at least 1 “Big Box” retailer would be carrying the item, and while he declined to state which one, my guess would be Wal-Mart, but don’t take my word for it. Based on the prices I’ve seen online, I’m guessing this will retail for around $15-$20.

occ.gifAnother interesting tidbit about this set, is it is one of the few rare times that PEZ has made a dispenser based on a real person. Years ago, they made a Betsy Ross, a Daniel Boone, and a Paul Revere figure. Just last year they made a 3-piece set out of the gang at Orange County Choppers (the first time ever that they have ever made PEZ of a living person), and the 3 Elvis PEZ brings the grand total to 9 PEZ modeled after real people. Maybe this is a sign of more “real people” dispensers to come, and there’s nothing wrong with that in my book.

For those regular Candy Addict readers, you’ll note that this is the second Elvis related candy I’ve written about, the first being the Banane Creme Elvis Cup which is scheduled for release in July. Elvis fans, keep your eyes peeled!

Editor’s note: Another Elvis candy we have mentioned: Elvis Mints.

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2 Responses to “Elvis PEZ Dispensers”

  1. 1
    michael borton says:

    my wife works at walgreens and they got the elvis ones on the truck this week there is one per store and they sell for 14.95 there a limited run of only 400,000 so there going to be very valuble

  2. 2
    John K from Clifton says:

    Thanks Michael for the FYI. I went to my local Walgreens and picked up the last two tins. This seems to be a hot item in the world of Elvis collectibles. TCB


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