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Review: Jack in the Box Andes Mint Shake

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Andes Mint Shake

When Jack in the Box recently announced that they’d concocted a shake of vanilla ice cream and Andes Mints, I knew I had to check it out. I kind of grew up on Andes (the chocolates, not the mountain range), since my mom would always have a box or two around during Christmas. I could never forget the candy’s bright green center sandwiched between two layers of chocolate.

The first trip to my local Jack franchise proved disappointing. Alas, their shake machine was busted. I returned a few weeks later to the wonderful sound of whirring machinery and finally ordered a small Andes Mint Shake. One really needs to splurge with a treat like this, so I went all out and agreed to the whipped cream and cherry on top.

I ate the cherry (your standard, slightly bitter maraschino), plunged my straw into the shake, and sipped. And sipped. And sipped. And sipped. And sipped. And after some serious sucking, a column of shake finally made it up the straw. It turns out that actual bits of Andes Mint chocolate are mixed into the shake, which settled to the bottom and made it next to impossible for me to drink until I stirred the thing with my straw.

The flavor instantly transported me back to my childhood. Yep, this is an Andes Mint shake, and Jack in the Box even managed to match the creamy, eyecatching green color of the original chocolate. The whipped cream is a nice touch, keeping the shake from becoming too heavy and bogged down with the mint flavor. You do need to chew on the chocolate bits, since they don’t really melt in your mouth, but I personally liked the texture of it. Sometimes with mix-ins (M&Ms for example), the chocolate is candy-coated and too crunchy to play well with the ice cream, but the Andes Mints in this shake were perfect.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the taste of mint with their chocolate, but if you do, then you should definitely try this out. It’s definitely better than any mint chocolate chip ice cream I’ve ever had… and it goes surprisingly well with curly fries too.

Editor’s note: Sounds good – makes me wish there were Jack-in-the-Boxes near where I live in NC. :(

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4 Responses to “Review: Jack in the Box Andes Mint Shake”

  1. 1
    Goob says:

    I’ve had this shake a couple of times. As far as fast food is concerned IMO Jack in the box is the best. This shake reminds me of a shamrock shake but better! I like the cherry, it’s a nice touch you wouldn’t expect from a fast food restuarant. I usually don’t suck the ice cream through the straw, I take the lid off and after I ate the cherry and whipped cream I use it as a spoon, dipping it back in and then taking some ice cream with it. The last time I got one they didn’t put any chocolate pieces in which was odd but I ate it nonetheless without asking where my candies went!

  2. 2
    Amber says:

    Hershey’s Ice Cream Shops also have an Andes Mint shake – it’s pretty good, but I’d have to say I like Baskin Robbins Mint Chip Shakes more!

  3. 3
    Lauren says:

    Ohhh, thank you for posting a review for this! I had no idea if it was tasty or not. Now I know, it does Andes justice!

  4. 4
    muckla says:

    dis is yum. me like. mucho grande milkshake. minty fresh. adios me name es muckla. add my addi i iz cool. fo lyf 2k8 mwah bbz x

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