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Han Solo In Carbonite Chocolate

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Chocolate Han Solo

A user on Instructables (an awesome website that teaches you how to do many, many things), recently posted instructions on transforming a “Han Solo in Carbonite Star Wars action figure”, into a chocolate mold to make limitless number of chocolate versions. A whole chocolate army if you wanted.

The user, FreakCitySF, walks you through the process, and provides fairly detailed instructions, photos, links to online sources for the necessary supplies, and even some video footage to help you along. Be warned, while the instructions are clear, it is sill an involved, many step project, but I’m sure you could manage it if you took your time.

Come to think of it, following the steps given, you could make nearly anything out of chocolate. Hmmmmmm…

[via BoingBoing and via Seth of]

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One Response to “Han Solo In Carbonite Chocolate”

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    Ev says:

    Cool instructions! I did the exact same thing as a party favor in 2005 for a “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” premiere. I molded my candy bar from a vintage Han Solo carbonite figure that came with the Slave I vehicle. I even made a “Hershey” bar wrapper design.

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