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The Choc-u-lator: the chocolate bar calculator

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Choculator - from

The simple milk chocolate bar is probably my favorite comfort food. No nuts, no caramel, no nougat, nothing except pure, unadulterated chocolate. But maybe I should take a closer look at my next treat. It might turn out to be this new electronic gadget. It looks exactly like chocolate bar, down to the ornate wrapper and packaging. A closer look reveals numbers on the pieces and a small LCD screen and solar panel.

Choculator 1 - from

Apparently, the calculator even smells like chocolate. The thing looks so much like a candy bar, I might even be tempted to gnaw on a corner just to make sure it’s not edible. Looks like the perfect calculator for any candy addict, but I wonder how teachers would react to it? They might assume you’re sneaking snacks in class.

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    Ian says:

    The Choc-u-lator will be available soon at

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