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Blogger’s Choice Awards

I just happened to stumble upon the Blogger’s Choice Awards website and noticed that someone had nominated Candy Addict for Best Food Blog (and we had two whole votes!). Now, I definitely don’t think we are the best food blog, or anywhere close for that matter, and I’ve never been much for popularity contests, and […]

Candy Review: Kookaburra Licorice and Mini Pastels

On my return from a recent vacation, I was overjoyed to find April’s Licorice of the Month Club selections waiting for me. This month I got to enjoy Kookaburra black licorice and Mini Pastels. The month’s selections also included Licorice Toffee, but as I have mentioned before, my jaw simply is not up to the […]

Retro Candy Review: Big Hunk

Big Hunk used to be one of those candy bars that I’d see on the shelf and always pass by. That was obviously before I knew any better! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this candy gem, Big Hunk is a long bar made of honey sweetened nougat that is generously studded with […]

Six months of candy licking

Artists: Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi From the YouTube page: The project began on the day that Yamashita and Kobayashi created a giant candy the size of a football (18cm in diameter). From that day they kept licking the candy day after day for about six months, with the aim of creating an ordinary candy, […]

Candy Review: Toxic Waste Candy

We have another guest candy review today. This time it’s from my buddy Aaron from The Sitter Downers Podcast and from his High Caliber Guns blog. Aaron is reviewing Toxic Waste candy: My wife loves to watch my facial reactions to sour candy. In our almost 10 years of marriage she has subjected me to […]