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Candy Review: Fuyu Cocoa Pocky (Fuyu no kuchidoke)

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Pocky Fuyu Winter Cocoa Package

I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful new box of Pocky on the shelf at my local asian mart. The shiny silver package with the thick cocoa dusted Pocky sticks and the large kanji reading “winter” called to me: “Hey! I’m yummy and I’m only around for a limited time this winter!” Not able to resist its charms, the Pocky found a home in my shopping cart.

Each packet of this Pocky contains 6 sticks. My first thoughts were how the sticks don’t really have the full cocoa coating as illustrated on the box, as it’s really more of a light dusting. I was lied to! The other thing I immediately notice is how thick the chocolate coating is layered on. It’s easily three times the amount of normal Pocky but not as much as Decorer. This Pocky smells of a dark, intense bitter chocolate. The kind that makes you want to immediately grab a glass of milk.

Pocky Fuyu Winter Cocoa Sticks

This is by far the most delicious Pocky I have ever tasted. I am in love! It’s like eating fudge on a stick, I kid you not! The chocolate, as the smell suggested, is bittersweet and the light cocoa dusting compliments it so very well. The chocolate is really thick and it coats your tongue when you lick it. This makes each stick very time-intensive to eat (unless you like to bite and chew your Pocky).

I inhaled my box of these so fast. I hope my Asian mart has more so I can stock up on them so I have a stash until the return next winter. They are seasonal after all.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Fuyu Cocoa Pocky (Fuyu no kuchidoke)”

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    B-dawg says:

    I just picked these up at a local grocer here in the Twin Cities and I was blown away. I can’t read Japanese and the English translation on the nutritional information sticker just said “Fuyunokuchidoke Pocky” (not a lot of help!) so I did an internet search to know what was in it. Thanks for the help, this is my favorite Pocky (my previous top was the Chocolate on Chocolate variety). Thanks!

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