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The History of Jellybeans

Jellybeans and Easter go together like…like peanut butter and chocolate. (Yes, of course I’m going for the candy-related metaphor first.) Thanks to companies like Jelly Belly, these chewy favorites with the hard candy shell have gone kind of upscale, but there’s no question that a large amount of bean-eating happens among kids (and adults!) on […]

Candy Review: Michel Cluizel “Les Champignons”

French chocolatier Michel Cluizel cranks out an amazing selection of fine chocolates, from single-origin bars to hot chocolate. The family-run business even processes its own cocoa beans, so you know quality is the name of the game. I have been lucky enough to try a small selection of Cluizel chocolates. I’ve had some of the […]

Licorice Candy Review: Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet and Licorice Dollars

Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet As many of you know, one of the highlights of my life is receiving my monthly selections from Licorice International’s Licorice of the Month Club. Sadly, this was not my month. This time around, we received Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet and Licorice Dollars. I started off with the Gustaf’s, but was immediately defeated […]

Spring Into Better Candy Choices!

Spring has sprung! And with bathing suit season just around the corner our thoughts turn to the “winter padding” we’ve probably acquired. Usually we’re all inspired by the good weather and plan to start a healthy eating and exercise program. The problem is candy is rarely considered a part of a healthy diet and that […]

Name That Easter Candy: Hollow Chocolate Eggs

We haven’t done a Name That Candy in a while and this email from a reader named Ed is perfect given our proximity to Easter. I have no idea what candy he is talking about. Anyone recognize it? I have a question regarding an Easter treat I received as a child. Each year I received […]