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Licorice Candy Review: Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet and Licorice Dollars

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Gustaf's Platinum Sweet
Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet

As many of you know, one of the highlights of my life is receiving my monthly selections from Licorice International’s Licorice of the Month Club. Sadly, this was not my month.

This time around, we received Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet and Licorice Dollars. I started off with the Gustaf’s, but was immediately defeated by the firmness of the candy. Unfortunately, I have a bad jaw, and have had two surgeries (including one where they basically sawed through my upper jaw and reset it with two bone plates, which are still in there) as well as numerous other treatments to get me to the point where I am relatively stable. As such, I simply can’t chew candy that is too firm, and this fell into that category. The flavor I was able to taste from sucking seemed quite pleasant, with a nice sweetness, but I really wasn’t able to fully enjoy the candy. Still, I would recommend that those who like really really firm licorice give it a try; as I said, the flavor was certainly pleasant.

Licorice Dollars
Licorice Dollars

Next up were the Dollars. I was already a bit wary, but after I popped one of these in my mouth, my nervousness level decreased. These were much softer. They were a bit stickier than I prefer, but perfectly edible. Unfortunately, the licorice flavor just didn’t do it for me. Looking on the ingredients, I noticed that neither licorice nor anise is even listed (presumably the general category of “natural flavoring” covered the origin of the flavor), and this translated to a relative lack of licorice taste. Overall, these were one of my least favorites, owing to the extremely weak showing of flavor.

Our extra gift for the month was a selection of Irish Oatfield Toffee. I took one look at these and had to grudgingly pass them on to a friend. There’s just no way I could even hope to eat them. I sucked on one for a while, and found the flavor pleasant. A good choice for a combination toffee/licorice lover.

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