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Candy healthy

Spring has sprung! And with bathing suit season just around the corner our thoughts turn to the “winter padding” we’ve probably acquired. Usually we’re all inspired by the good weather and plan to start a healthy eating and exercise program. The problem is candy is rarely considered a part of a healthy diet and that is especially troublesome for us Candy Addicts. What’s a life without our sweet indulgences?

Thankfully, Women’s Health Magazine has come up with a way for us to have our candy and eat it too while sticking to a healthy diet. Their article on better candy alternatives dishes up some great ideas on how to satisfy our sugar cravings without denying ourselves. Craving something fruity? Try some organic gummi bears. Craving chocolate? They make a few recommendations that are sure to satisfy without breaking the calorie bank. Definitely a worthy read for the health conscious Candy Addict!

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