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Plain Candy in Easter Wrappers—a Bust or a Blessing?

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hershey easter miniatures
(photo from Candy Direct)

Regular candy dressed in fancy clothing—a holiday convenience or a year-round nuisance? I’m undecided. York Peppermint Patties immediately come to mind when I think of candy getting a seasonal wardrobe without changing the actual food, but there are dozens of other examples. Some candy, like M&M’s, not only gets holiday packaging, but also gets a nice, appropriate shell change (with still no difference in the actual candy).

What’s a hostess to do post-Easter, when pastel treats still line kitchen shelves? I’ve certainly been to more than one party in June and seen light pink and blue wrappers in candy dishes. It’s a true dilemma, especially for the budget-conscious, because the candy usually hasn’t neared its expiration date—its clothes are just out of style. I don’t mind eating Easter bunny-decorated chocolate in the summer, but is it a faux pas to serve past-season treats to guests? I usually end up buying new candy for parties once the holidays are over, because I don’t want to be seen as someone who’s trying to clear my pantry of outdated food by having a party.

When I asked a few friends their opinion on the matter, some surprised me with a good point: everyday candy in holiday wrappers leaves less room on store shelves for truly Easter-specific confections. However, others pointed out that the pastel wrappers may be the reason people can still buy their favorite, unchanged candy at the height of the holiday frenzy.

This year, I’ve decided to limit my candy purchases to snacks that are truly uniquely produced for Easter, like Brach’s Chicks and Rabbits. The debate still plays in my mind though — do fancy wrappers make candy socially unacceptable after the holiday is past, or is chocolate, chocolate, no matter what it wears?

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4 Responses to “Plain Candy in Easter Wrappers—a Bust or a Blessing?”

  1. 1
    Sera says:

    I’ve come up with some solutions to this dilemma. I sort the colors. For instance, left over Christmas candy gets sorted and I save the reds for Valentines Day and green for St. Patrick’s. It works well in a dish or in baking (as in M&Ms in brownies and cookies). A dish full of pale blue wrapped candy doesn’t scream “Easter!” like the full assortment does. :P

    I agree with you. I do my best to buy candy that I can ONLY find during Easter or any other specific holiday.

  2. 2
    eastcoastdweller says:

    Agreed. Why support corporate laziness that poses as seasonal sensitivity?

  3. 3
    kelli says:

    The best thing is that the candy is discounted the day after the holiday–just because it’s covered in a colored wrapper. It’s still yummy!

  4. 4
    Andrea R. says:

    hey I love SOURY CANDY but they need to lower the prices

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