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Gummi Bear Chandelier and other gummi art

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YoYo Chou Gummi Chandelier

YaYa Chou is an LA based artist whose recent work seems to be centered around Gummi Bears as a medium. She states:

The bright colors and soft texture of children’s snacks construct a romantic scenario which draws my attention to the dangerous ingredient behind them. By rearranging the embellished snacks in the forms of luxury commodity, I wish to pose the questions: Who consume these foods? Who has the choice to choose?

Since when are gummi bears “children’s snacks”? Us adults like them too! She’s made various objects out of Gummi Bears: the 4′ by 2′ chandelier seen above, a deer, a goat, and my personal favorite, the Gummi Bear Skin Rug. According to her own blog, the Gummi Bears would get soft in the L.A. summer, and harden again during the winter, but never actually melted. I would think the best part about making art out of gummi bears is being able to eat your mistakes!

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5 Responses to “Gummi Bear Chandelier and other gummi art”

  1. 1
    Sera says:

    Hrrrmm, it seems she’s not a real candy lover, judging from her commentary. ~___^ Maybe that’s why her creations didn’t end up getting eaten! Ha!

  2. 2
    Art says:

    At least her creations come with floss !!!

  3. 3
    clo says:

    WOW. I wouldn’t even get to make a little nightlight with candy, cause I usually finish it already…

  4. 4
    Sheri says:

    i have to say this is quite amazing. amazing and delicious looking!

  5. 5
    Courtney says:

    that is my dream lamp..=D lmao.

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