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Mike’s Candy Wrappers

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KitKat Mocha

I think many fellow Candy Addicts would agree that candy is a sensory experience. There’s the rich smells, tastes and textures of the confection. The sound of the crunch of the nuts/taffy/crisped rice and last but not least the gorgeous sight of the wrapper holding the treasure within. I find myself loving the candy packaging almost as much as the candy itself, with its bold colors and large lettering. I started to save my favorite wrappers and packages partly for the beautiful design and partly for the memento – proof that I once consumed this particular candy.

I used to think my habits strange until I found Mike’s Candy Wrappers webpage. This man is a genius, taking wrapper collecting to a new level and thus humbling my own. On his page you’ll discover scores of wrappers all listed alphabetically. It’s really fascinating to see how some have changed over the years. You can even click on the wrapper to see a large version, as well as the date purchased and Mike’s personal commentary on the candy itself. It’s really fun to learn of his candy tastes based on what he’s written. To top it all off, you’re able to make comments too. So if a certain wrapper sets off a wave of nostalgia, you can share it with everyone. Definitely a page you won’t want to miss out on!

Oh – and we used quite a few of Mike’s Candy Wrappers (with permission) in our Candy Wrapper Alphabet Quiz (thanks again, Mike!).

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    Ahmed Anies says:

    I like Kit Kat to much and I want to thnak this webpage and you as writer of this article that it makes us feel our childhood

    Ahmed Anies

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