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Expert candy testimony

You wouldn’t believe the crazy/interesting emails I get. I recently received an email from a law firm representing a candy company that is being sued by another candy company. (I’m not going to mention specifics even though I wasn’t told to keep it hush-hush.) A while back I wrote about the candy (company) that is […]

Candy Review: Disney Marshmallow Treats

Editor’s note: This review was written and submitted by a reader named Jenny! Thanks, Jenny, for the great review! I remember when I was a kid and the prospect of getting my favorite candies – only in pastel – along with a lot of jelly beans that I would only have to pick the black […]

Freeze Dried Ice Cream: Candy or Not?

I’ve long contemplated how, exactly, Freeze Dried Astronaut Ice Cream should be categorized. Is it candy? Or perhaps it’s simply a general-purpose dessert? Is it dairy or not? Well, I still don’t have an answer to these age-old questions, but my investigations have certainly been tasty. Turns out, I’m one of the few people in […]

Candy Recipe: Snickers Fudge

How do you know when a candy has reached the height of popularity? Sales, marketing, limited edition versions and the “test of time” are all good ways to tell, but you know you have a real winner when devoted fans start incorporating the candy flavors at home. That’s exactly what Joe over at “Culinary in […]

Candy Review: KitKat iStick

Is it just me, or does this limited edition KitKat from Japan sound like an iPod accessory? Thankfully it’s not, as it would be both expensive and not a tasty candy bar. The iStick KitKat was a summer release and unlike the other varieties, was found in the freezer section of stores. It is meant […]