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White Chocolate Wii Controller

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the creative ways that chocolate and videogames can come together. We’ve seen chocolate PSPs, chocolate Xbox 360 controllers, chocolate NES controllers and cartridges, and now here comes the (white) chocolate Wii controller. These creative gamers took the packaging the Wii controller (both the Wiimote and the nunchuk) [...]

Candy Review: Jocalat – Organic Chocolate Food Bars

When I first heard we were receiving Jocolat bars from Larabar, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I read a little blurb about them that mentioned they were… drum roll please… healthy. Good-for-you chocolate?? The horrors! Larabar describes them thusly: JÅŽCALAT is Fair Trade Certifiedâ„¢ chocolate in its purest form. Harmonizing with fruits and [...]

Candy Review: Limited Edition Snickers Dark

I ran into these at a local store while grocery shopping last week. The combination of the words “limited edition” and the price of 5 for $2 was far too tempting to resist. They were announced last June, and they also come in a Dark with Almond variety, but I haven’t found any of them [...]

Candy By Any Other Name

(photo from flickr) What would you do if you were forced to travel across the globe but could not bring a stash of candy with you? If you’re a bona fide candy lover, you’d want to sample candies from every region, anyway. You probably wouldn’t have an incredibly difficult time identifying candy in various countries, [...]

Candy Review: PEZ Mini Mints

Returning to their roots, PEZ recently released 2 new mint flavors. Not only are these candies smaller, but they’re a different shape than the PEZ candy than you’re used to. PEZ is obviously shooting for an older target age with this product. For one, the dispensers don’t feature clowns, or Ninja Turtles, or any characters [...]

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