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Candy for Diabetics

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Sugar Free Candy

Whether you’re diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes, finding candy that fits your lifestyle and doesn’t blow your blood sugar level out of whack can be hard. Fortunately, there are good resources for diabetics, and the list of sugar-free candy choices is ever growing and improving. In fact, most major retailers carry sugar-free candy alongside the sugary stuff, and the internet is full of options for Candy Addicts with diabetes.

I found to be particularly helpful. You can order almost any imaginable sugar-free treat from the site, including cordial cherries, pecan caramel nut clusters, licorice bites, jelly beans, and bridge mix. There’s even a “Kid’s Favorite” section to help parents with shopping for diabetic youngsters., Candy Direct, Old Time Candy, also have diverse selections of sugar-free candy. Clearly, a diabetic with a sweet tooth has more options today than just a few years ago. Even Hershey’s has a webpage dedicated to explaining insulin resistance.

I’m thankful not to have diabetes, but I’m also thankful that people who do can share my love of candy. After seeing all the sugar-free products out there, I might jump in with both feet next time and pick the sugarless variety of one of my usual treats. It can’t hurt to try!

Buy sugar-free candy online:

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5 Responses to “Candy for Diabetics”

  1. 1
    Catherine says:

    thanks for the info and recipes for my science fair prject it was very useful thanks alot

  2. 2
    Jonathan Cohen says:

    Please note that these candies are ‘no-sugar-added’, not ‘sugar-free’. There is a difference, as most sweets contain sugars in natural form (fruit sugars) or in added form (maltitol, isomalt, etc.).

    Diabetics still need to monitor their intake, because these sweets have carbohydrate content, which will increase one’s blood sugar. The difference is that either the rate of absorption is moderated.

    In the case of maltitol, xylitol, etc. the effect on blood sugar is minimal, but diabetic candies made from them can have a bad laxative effect if you’re susceptible. Be warned not to have too many ;-)

  3. 3
    Pam Lang says:

    I have been looking for something like this. I am a chocoholic and come by it honestly beings my mom and grandmother both were. Diabetes put a hold on that
    thank you
    Pam Lang

  4. 4
    Laura Lynn says:

    Just thought I’d mention… There are SOME artificial sweeteners that may give you the same effects as sugar. Be sure to read labels and pay attention to any side effects you may have.

    If you have a bad side effect you know not to eat that sweetener again. Yes, many of them have a laxative effect – I figure that just keeps you from over eating :)

    For ME personally (it will vary from person to person) these two sweeteners affect me just as badly as sugar: polydextrose and maltodextrin.

    Maltodextrin IS sugar, but it comes from corn as opposed to the sugar cane. Unfortunately many “sugar free” products use this – including powdered Sweet n Low and Equal. I always wondered why I felt so badly after having them in my coffee… now I know! I only use liquid Sweet n Low now!

    I have hypoglycemia, not diabetes, but I still cannot eat sugar.

  5. 5
    Allan says:

    I found ths coupon code at “valentine2012″ takes 20% off when you spend $30 or more. Valid until 2/04/12. It worked for me.

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