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Candy Review: PEZ Mini Mints

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PEZ Mini Mints

Returning to their roots, PEZ recently released 2 new mint flavors. Not only are these candies smaller, but they’re a different shape than the PEZ candy than you’re used to.

PEZ is obviously shooting for an older target age with this product. For one, the dispensers don’t feature clowns, or Ninja Turtles, or any characters molded on the top. They feature paintings by Norman Rockwell from his Saturday Evening Post covers. The shape is very reminiscent of what is known as a “PEZ regular”, which are the plain, lighter sized dispensers originally used to distribute PEZ.

The mints come in 2 flavors: Orange and Mint. The Orange tastes like Orange Tic Tacs, but not as sweet. The Mint is good too, about 1/2 as strong as an Altoid, but still effective. Both lasted a decent amount of time before dissolving. I got my Mini Mint PEZ at Walgreens. The sign said that they were exclusive to Walgreens, but I’m not positive if that was the entire line, or just the line featuring Saturday Evening Post covers on the dispensers. If anyone finds other types at other stores, leave a comment and let us know!

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: PEZ Mini Mints”

  1. 1
    MEGGERS-N-JANE says:

    WOOHHH these are awesome! i want some!

  2. 2
    pixieeye says:

    Where can I find them I must get my hands on them!

  3. 3
    Tee says:

    This is defiantly something different, the Norman Rockwell drawing will certainly attract the older crowds, I know I’m interested in the drawing first then with a cherry on top, i.e. the Orange & mint favor. That would be the blessing. They well be a good Valentine,s Day gift.

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