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Chocolate NES Cartridge and Controller

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Chocolate NES Cartridge

For those of a certain age, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the home videogame console of choice. I can’t count how many hours I logged into playing the original Legend of Zelda. What was truly awesome about the Zelda cartridge was its color. Not content to be the plain gray of all the other cartridges, the Zelda game was gold. Shiny, sparkly, eye-catching gold. As a matter of fact, I always imagined it being wrapped in gold foil and having a soft chocolate center like my favorite candy bars.

Twenty some years later, someone must have read my mind because a solid chocolate NES cartridge (and accompanying controller) showed up on, of all places, eBay. According to the article on Insert Credit, the creator of the choco-cartridge used an actual NES cartridge as a template for a silicon mold.

After the 24 hours I removed the modified cart and baked the mold for 4 hours @ 350 degrees. When that was finished i thoroughly cleaned the cart with steam. Then I used an austrian chocolate bar and carefully heated 3/4 of it to 122 degrees to temper it, then the remaining 1/4 was finely chopped and mixed in to bring the temp back down to 83 degrees. It was then poured and once again off to the vibrator. Then it was placed in a freezer that is used only for this process. Let it harden and pull the mold and what you have is the coolest candy bar ever. The whole process from start to finish was 34 hours of planning and building. With the “sweet” reward of having something NES related that no one has ever had.

So much work comes at a cost, and the winning bid came out to be $46.00. Kind of pricey for a nice hunk of chocolate, but where else could you find something so unique? If I won the auction, I’d find it hard to actually eat the thing. The chocolate NES controller is still available on eBay for $14.00

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