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Candy Review: Candy from Sugar Sugar

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Sugar Sugar information

Florida-based Sugar Sugar is a candy shop straight out of Willy Wonka’s imagination! They specialize in small hard candies in a crazy assortment of flavors. Sugar Sugar sent a little sampler pack to review, and I was really excited to try all the goodies–the Rock Mix of hard candies (they call them lollies), which includes 21 different flavors, Peanut Brittle, and a strawberry lollipop.

Sugar Sugar Rock Mix

See how pretty the little lollies are? Sugar Sugar was kind enough to send along a flavor list, but you don’t really need it, since it’s pretty clear what flavor you’re eating by looking at the design on the candy. The candies were pleasant enough, but I tend to favor strong, sour flavors in hard candies, and the only flavor that came close was cherry. It had a nice, tart cherry flavor. I thought maybe the citrus flavors would be potent, but they were rather mild. The same goes for blueberry, green apple, raspberry, and watermelon.

Sugar Sugar Peanut Brittle

The first thing that struck me about the peanut brittle is how buttery the flavor was. I was enjoying this buttery sensation, and then I bit down on it, and, well, my teeth got stuck in it. My friends, this peanut brittle is not for the weak teethed or the filling enhanced! It’s really, really sticky. I seriously thought it was going to pull out my fillings, and they don’t come cheap, so I had to stop eating it. If you like buttery, sticky peanut brittle, then this is for you!

Sugar Sugar Strawberry Lollypop

The strawberry lollipop reminded me of those oversized, swirly ones I always pined for in my childhood. Like the little lollies, the lollipop had a subtle strawberry flavor. It was kind of hard to eat, too–it was just a hair too big for my mouth, so if I stuck the whole thing in there and just sucked on it, it would make me kind of drool, which isn’t too attractive. I also didn’t have the patience or the time (I was multitasking) to just hold it in one hand and lick it. I ended up cramming it into my mouth and trying to suck it down quickly so that it would shrink enough to fit comfortably in my mouth. By then, though, I was kind of tired of eating it.

Sugar Sugar also makes personalized lollies. You can get your company logo on there, your name, whatever you want. They also have lollies to celebrate births, and hey, wouldn’t you rather have a little sack of “It’s a Boy” candies than a nasty old cigar? I think Sugar Sugar is a fun company with fun candies, but if I were to purchase any candies from them, it would be for the novelty factor rather than taste.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Candy from Sugar Sugar”

  1. 1
    Candy Expert says:

    If you like the way that candy looks you should look up the Lindale Candy Candy Company based out of Lindale , Tx these people set the bar for candy making. They have been around since the mid 40′s. The owner of that store is one of the best master candy maker in the U.S. Not only does their candy look amazing, but it is some of the best tasting that I have ever had. It is worth trying to find them to send some samples. The number is 903-882-3511.
    Candy Expert

  2. 2
    Rhonda says:

    We are having a baby shower next month and we are wondering if You could send Us some “It’s A Girl” sample candies to see if We like them. And also could You send Us a price list in case We are interested. Thank You!!

  3. 3
    theresa says:

    i would like it if you would tell me where to but your candy anywhere near cabramatta or fairfield so i could buy them :)
    (p.s. we dont buy through the internet so)

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