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Candy Review: Strawberry Burst

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Strawberry Burst

I picked these up a few days ago at a Hispanic dollar store in a shopping center I had never been to before. Based on the package, they looked almost like a miniature strawberry 3 musketeers bar. There were several flavors available, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Malted Milk, All Coco (coconut) & Toffee. I was unsure about buying these, because I had never even heard of the company Bel before, but since they were only a dollar, I bit the bullet and bought the strawberry.

Big mistake. While the package may make them look like delicious strawberry-filled candy, these were more along the lines of chocolate covered Laffy Taffy. Stale Laffy Taffy at that. I had even poked at the bars while in the store to try to gauge their make-up, but I guessed wrong, and only set myself up for disappointment. Slightly soft, but way to hard to chew or enjoy, these candies were definitely not something I enjoy. I didn’t purchase any of the other versions, but if they’re anything like these I won’t be picking them up anytime soon, or ever.

Reading the back of the package, I’m not really certain where these are from, I believe they were made in Brazil, but they say they were imported through Australia. And they have Spanish and some type of middle eastern writing on them. I bought them in New Jersey. I certainly won’t be buying these again, but if they seem to be up your alley, you can apparently get them in almost any country, based solely on the packaging.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Strawberry Burst”

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    Heather says:

    That’s such a shame! The wrapper does make them look like they have a delicious soft center! I would have fallen to the same fate for a deal like that. I’m sorry you had to experience the disappointment! :(

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