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Review: Sanders Dessert Toppings

I tried out Sanders Milk Chocolate Caramels and loved them, so I had really high hopes for their dessert toppings. Sanders sent over two jars for sampling: Cinnamon Pear Caramel and Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge. I finally picked up some vanilla ice cream, and to keep the tasting simple, I didn’t add any other toppings. […]

Candy for Diabetics

Whether you’re diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes, finding candy that fits your lifestyle and doesn’t blow your blood sugar level out of whack can be hard. Fortunately, there are good resources for diabetics, and the list of sugar-free candy choices is ever growing and improving. In fact, most major retailers carry sugar-free […]

Candy Review: Bacon Mints (yes, Bacon Mints)

I am amazed at how often bacon and candy cross paths. Candy Addict has done articles on chocolate-covered bacon, gummi bacon, and bacon jellybeans. Now we can add Bacon Mints to the list. When I was offered some Bacon Mints to review, I immediately said “hell, yes!” but wondered what they would taste like. When […]

Chocolate, Good for your Memory?

Good news for everyone studying for upcoming midterm exams: chocolate might be good for your memory. The flavanols in chocolate are supposedly good for your heart, and now scientists claim those same flavanols increase blood flow to the brain, especially in the areas of the brain that control alertness. Mice given a drink rich in […]

Candy Review: Crackheads – white and dark chocolate covered espresso beans

Crackheads. Chocolate-covered espresso beans are not the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name, but that’s what these are. Some of the beans are covered in dark chocolate and some are covered in white chocolate. They’re made by a small startup candy company called Osmanium out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and this […]