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Candy Review:Meiji Best 3 Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is well loved and heartily consumed in Japan, and Meiji is probably the top-selling chocolate brand. According to Mari on the Japanese lifestyle blog Watashi to Tokyo, Meiji manufactures six of the top ten best-selling chocolate bars in Japan (data from Nikkei). The number one spot went to Meiji Milk Chocolate, and Meiji’s Black […]

Catch a Candy Virus

Have you caught this season’s winter cold yet? Personally, I’m working on my second, but if you’re feeling short on viruses, you can order a flavored batch of Candy Virus. The boxes come in three varieties—The Cure (grape); The Epidemic (apple); and The Virus (strawberry). All three are advertised as “tangy pebbles” and come in […]

Candy Review: Whole Foods: “Whole Treat” Pates de Fruits

One of the lucky Christmas candy gifts bestowed upon me (they know me too well!) was a beautiful box of fruit pate from Whole Foods. I’ve never had fruit pate/jellies before, but I have eyed them many times before on the shelf at the local gourmet store. Fruit pate are of French origin (hence the […]

Super Sweet Refund Video

I actually stumbled upon this accidentally on YouTube tonight and it was on the front page. Evidently TaxCut software is having a video contest called “Me and My Super Sweet Refund Video Contest” and the example video is the one you see above. It’s a hilarious homemade video about what a Candy Addict would do […]

Pop Rocks Partners with American Idol

The sixth season of Fox’s popular reality series American Idol is under way, and Pop Rocks is coming along for the ride. Pop Rocks is launching a new song contest: I Want to be a Pop Rocks Star. Kids enter by writing a song about their favorite crackling, popping candy and must send it in […]