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Eye Candy: Clever Candy Crafts

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Eye Candy Large Cartoon House

Recently, we mentioned a candy diorama of the Battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings, made entirely of candy. Although the edibility of that craft project is somewhat questionable, I’m pretty sure you could eat the creations from Eye Candy. After all, the candy is all still wrapped in their original packaging.

From $14 “shoes” made of candy buttons, Starbursts, and Laffy Taffy, to custom candy creations that could potentially cost hundreds of dollars, Eye Candy has taken candy art to new heights. There are dolls with candy-lined dresses, so that even after the candy is all gone, girls still have something to enjoy, and a taffy-lined doghouse with a plush puppy is sure to please.

My personal favorites are the houses, like the one shown above. Although I’m a fan of gingerbread houses, I never found them too appetizing, particularly after the house has served as a centerpiece for a few weeks and you’re faced with stale cookies and hard frosting. I could pick apart one of these candy houses and not worry about flavor weirdness. Nifty!

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5 Responses to “Eye Candy: Clever Candy Crafts”

  1. 1
    Green Day Fan says:

    I think these houses would not survive too long on my table, lol ;)

  2. 2
    Heather says:

    Those items are fabulous!!! I applaud their creativity! However, at the prices they are, I hope seeing them will inspire others to give them a try on their own. I know it inspired me! ^_^ Then again, I’ve always wanted to make a house made of candy… XD

  3. 3
    Suzette says:

    That is super cute, but they are charging $20 shipping to california for an $18 item! I know it shouldn’t cost over $5 to ship!

  4. 4
    crafts says:

    Looks sweet! I am sure kids will love it and I want this idea as a gift this coming holiday. Very cute.


  5. 5
    hannah says:

    so cute i am so making that this holiday season!!!!!!!

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