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Candy Movie Review: PEZheads – The Movie

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PEZheads - The Movie

Many movies are released that sound like they are about candy, but aren’t. Hard Candy, Strangers With Candy, and Candy are a few recent ones. Recently a movie was released on DVD that actually is about candy – it’s a documentary about Pez and Pez collectors called PEZHeads – The Movie. The documentary covers many aspects of Pez, and since I am the resident PezHead here at Candy Addict, I was given our review copy.

The documentary, which was produced by Chris and Kendra Skeene, and Directed by Chris Marshall, covers many aspects of Pez collecting, but focuses mostly on the “culture” of those who collect Pez dispensers.

They also visit several different Pez conventions, as well as talking with those that are avid collectors, dealers, and fanatics in general. They visit the US Pez headquarters and show the process of Pez being manufactured from raw sugar to finished package, as well as visiting other interesting Pez locales, and even talk with some celebrity collectors.

Overall, I thought PEZHeads: The Movie was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it doesn’t have the budget of a massive Hollywood production, their enthusiasm for all things Pez more than made up for it. This DVD would make the perfect gift for that Pez collector (or Candy Addict) in your life, especially if you’re worried about getting them a Pez dispenser they already own.

The DVD is $18, or check for a screening in your area at the PEZHeads website.

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2 Responses to “Candy Movie Review: PEZheads – The Movie”

  1. 1
    Malnurtured snay says:

    They should have a movie about skittles … hmmm. Skittles.

  2. 2
    Wasting Prep Time 1-17-2006 | PFdebate says:

    [...] PEZheads – The Movie. I hope this shows up on Netflix. [...]

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