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Candy Review: Kegg’s Dark Chocolate Cremes

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Kegg's Candies

I love regional foods, and I love sweets, so regional sweets? Bring them on! Kegg’s Candies is a family-owned operation based in Houston, Texas. They make and form their candies by hand, so the individual candies are not uniformly shaped. What’s nice about this is you can trick yourself into believing that choosing a smaller chocolate is less caloric than a larger-sized one!

A friend recently sent me a box of Kegg’s dark chocolate cremes, and if you like incredibly creamy, smooth, buttery chocolates that practically melt in your mouth, then you’d better order some of these pronto! Dark chocolate can sometimes be a little too intense for me, but it was just right in these cremes. The sweetness of the buttery filling is a perfect pairing to the dark chocolate shell. These chocolates with a hot cup of coffee is a pretty ideal little sweet treat!

Though I personally have only tried the dark chocolate cremes, Kegg’s offers a variety of handcrafted treats, including divinity, English toffee, hostess mints, nut clusters, and pecan crisp, which is noted on the web site as being one of Kegg’s most popular candies (it’s a combination of chopped pecans, sugar, and butter). Prices vary, but a pound of assorted chocolates will run you $19.50, and a 12-oz box of pecan crisp costs $11.75.

Kegg's Candies dark chocolate cremes

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Kegg’s Dark Chocolate Cremes”

  1. 1
    Heather says:

    Those look beautiful! And tasty! ^_^

  2. 2
    heather77 says:

    the milk chocolate almond bark and chocolate covered ginger is great.

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