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Conversation Hearts Go Wild for Animals

It’s impossible to imagine a Valentine’s Day without the ubiquitous Necco Sweethearts conversation hearts. They’ve been around for over a century, and I’ve got to say, they taste like it, too! I guess it’s kind of like those holiday fruitcakes–hardly anyone actually likes them, but nevertheless they feel obligated to buy or consume them. Necco […]

Candy Review: Hershey’s Strawberry Creme Kisses

Ask and you shall receive! At least that’s how I feel after discovering that Hershey’s has released two more limited edition kisses in time for Valentines Day. The two new flavors are Special Dark Raspberry and Strawberry Creme, the latter being the cause of my extreme excitement. It was only a few short weeks ago […]

Laffy Taffy Not So Laffy

Famous candy tycoon Willy Wonka has discovered, to his absolute horror, that one of the jokes featured on a Laffy Taffy wrapper was not actually funny. To correct this humor crisis, he has put out a call for a “new deputy executive director of Wonka Laffy Taffy wrapper humor management.” Prospective applicants must send in […]

Candy Addict mentioned in the NY Times

Our buddy Pete from Pete’s Caramels was recently interviewed for a NY Times article on young entrepreneurs and he mentioned us in the interview! (Thanks, Pete!) It’s an interesting article about how kids are coming up with business ideas and making money and a few paragraphs are devoted to Pete and his candy business. Give […]

Good Karmal: Candy on the Road to Enlightenment

Could candy serve as a positive force in the world? Sure, why not? One look at the website for Good Karmal shows a candy company different from the rest. Instead of flashy graphics designed to grab your attention, the site opts for the serene and the simple. Oh, and they only sell one product: caramel, […]