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How Holiday Candy is Made

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Holiday Candy Being Made Videos

Brought to you by the National Association of Manufacturers (and just in time for Christmas), here are a couple videos of holiday candy being made. Both videos were taped at the Wolfgang Candy Company. The first video shows how their Chocolate Nutcrackers are made. The 6:26 video takes you from the mixing of the chocolate all the way to watching the final product being put in boxes of 24 for shipment to stores. Did you know the final product goes through a metal detector to make sure it contains no metal?

The second video is a whopping 18:52 long and shows how coconut drops are made and shows some other aspects of the manufacturing process like shrink-wrapping and again with the metal detectors.

While checking out the site, I noticed something totally unrelated to candy, but totally cool/fun – a video that shows “How Silly Putty is Made“!

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2 Responses to “How Holiday Candy is Made”

  1. 1
    Heather says:

    Oh my! I watched the videos and forgot to thank you!

    It’s so fun getting to “tour” inside a factory, especially ones that make candy! So this was really fun and awesome to me! Everyone should take a look!

    Also, the Silly Putty video was amusing, though it seems to go on forever. LOL! Funny how the long video about the coconut drops kept my attention all the way, but the Silly Putty one made me look at the time now and again. XD

  2. 2
    Book Direct says:


    Enjoyed the video tour around the candy factory and was amazed at just what you can do with silly putty.
    Everyone should have a look around.

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