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Candy Cane Facts, Trivia, and Urban Legends

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Candy Canes

‘Tis the season for this Christmas candy favorite. Take one look at Candy Addict, and you can see wildly different incarnations of candy canes: in Hershey’s Kisses, in Tootsie Pops, in Pop Rocks, and even as Christmas tree waterers. Even though they’re available in many other flavors, the classic, nostalgic candy cane will always be made of peppermint.

We eat these every season, but have you ever wondered where the candy came from? The Candy Cane Urban Legends Reference Page at clears up a few myths about the candy cane. Candy canes were apparently already in existence as a Christmas treat by the late 17th century. Popular tradition holds that the shape is meant to represent a shepherd’s crook. According to an article from The Quad-City Times, candy canes started to show up in the U.S. in the early 20th century. The world’s longest handmade candy cane was made by Paul Ghinelli of Leslie, MI. His cane was 58 feet and 2 1/4 inches!

Peppermint is a special flavor, traditionally linked to the winter season. It’s cool and comforting, and a perfect compliment to hot drinks like cocoa and coffee. And one final fact: the average 5-inch candy cane contains 50 calories and no fat or cholesterol! So eat up! At least it will keep your breath nice and minty for that special meeting underneath the mistletoe.

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