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The HandyCane

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The HandyCane

The methods for watering your Christmas tree have come a long way from crawling underneath the sucker with a glass of water. Back then, you risked getting your presents wet, as well as getting electrocuted from all those strings of lights. HandyCane attempts to relieve all of that stress by offering a simple way to deliver water into the tree-stand without breaking your back.

This candy-shaped gadget is made of lightweight plastic and is shaped like a candy cane. A novelty-sized gigantic peppermint stick? I love this idea already. You simply fill the hook end of the HandyCane with water (it holds up to a quart) and then use the straight end of the cane as a spout to funnel water down to the stand. Simple, right?

I’ve seen watering systems that use a series of siphons to keep a tree moist, but none were as festive and neat-looking (and yummy-looking) as the HandyCane. Since our house has a fake tree, we won’t be needing the services of a HandyCane in the near future. But for $14.95 retail, it’s a nifty little concept.

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One Response to “The HandyCane”

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    Sera says:

    What a great design! I’d buy one if I didn’t have a fake tree too. :P

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