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Slurpee Gum

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Slurpee Gum

The other day, I was wasting time with random internet browsing when I came across a site dedicated to Slurpees. Now, I’m all for the foamy, sugary frozen concoction, but what I hadn’t realized is that there was once a line of Slurpee gums. Apparently I missed that part of the 90s.

Nini’s Slurpee Gum page (she is a Slurpee Addict) lists all five flavors, and I have to admit that they sound kind of interesting. I did a little more research, and according to Debbie Schlussel, Slurpee gum no longer exists. Personally, I would have loved to try the watermelon.

Does anyone else remember this product? Have they definitely discontinued it? The closest 7-Eleven to me is almost 5 miles away, which in New York City is the equivalent of 100 miles elsewhere, so I won’t be checking it out for myself any time soon.

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3 Responses to “Slurpee Gum”

  1. 1
    Spoodles says:

    I remember chewing the three liquid-filled flavors (Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Sour Green Apple) and was, for the most part, unimpressed. The only one I would consider chewing again is the Watermelon, as the other two were far too strong.

  2. 2
    Jason says:

    That’s very funny. In Winnipeg, there’s a 7-Eleven for every kilometre in the city.

  3. 3
    Johnny says:

    Wow! I honestly remember those. I was younger, back when we had 7-11 stores (South Texas) and tried a few packs of the watermelon. Nothing like the drink (besides the sweetness), but still a fun gum. Didn’t hold it’s flavor very long, and I’d still prefer the drink.

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