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Candy Review: Buzz Bites – Chocolate Energy Chews

Another in the crowded, but still-growing field of caffeinated candy, Buzz Bites by Vroom Foods (maker of Foosh Mints also) combine caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and other ingredients into what they call their “Proprietary Synergistic Energy Blend”. Just how how much caffeine do they contain? 100 mg per chew, which is roughly the equivalent […]

Candy Review: Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints

Everyone remembers Jolt Cola, they hyper-caffeinated cola, right? Besides making Jolt Cola and Jolt Gum, now you can get Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints. The Mint Flurry flavored mints contain caffeine, guarana, and ginseng to give you a quick energy pick-me-up whenever you need it. Five mints equal the caffeine content of one cup of coffee […]

Candy Review: Ethel’s Holiday Chocolates Seasonal Collection

What better time than right after Thanksgiving to write about chocolates with flavors like Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry, and Egg Nog? Ethel’s Chocolates Seasonal Collection contains these flavors Dreamy White and Cinnamon & Sugar. Upon opening the package I was impressed at how beautiful the chocolates are. They have unique wavy edges and each […]

Discovery Bubble Gum Factory

We wrote about making your own bubblegum before, but now Discovery has come out with this end-all be-all gum making kit. With it, you can make sour gum, color-change gum, spicy gum, and even gooey center-filled gum. Sounds like fun! I really need to try one of these with my daughter. The description doesn’t say […]

Candy Pet’s Names

Last week, my daughter went to a birthday party and the host family had a rabbit named Skittles. That got me trying to think of all the candy-related terms/names that double as pet names. I met a rabbit named Skittles, Snickers was originally named after a horse, my wife’s grandmother has a dog named Taffy, […]