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Candy Addict T-shirts

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I am a nut for T-shirts, and I have been dying to get some Candy Addict Tees printed up (mainly because I want one) so I’m finally going to do it. Problem is, I don’t have a design! So, let’s see if some reader (or friend of a reader) can come up with a great design for a Candy Addict tee!

I do NOT want a tee with just “Candy Addict” or or “I’m a Candy Addict” on it (though I would like on it somewhere small). I want it to be a shirt people would like whether or not they have ever visited Candy Addict. I want mass appeal. Here is an example of the type of shirt I like. I also saw a shirt that George Duran from “Ham on the Street” was wearing in the candy episode that I liked. It was an orangish-brownish shirt with a big multi-colored lollipop on the front. Plain and simple but classy.

UPDATE: Here are some more examples of the style of design I was thinking of:

I don’t want the design on a white or a black shirt. I’m thinking muted orange or light blue or something but I’m not set on that. I want a color and design that would appeal to both guys and gals. Also remember to keep the colors of the design to a minimum – more colors means more money to print the shirts. Let’s try and keep it to 4 colors maximum and remember you can creatively use the color of the shirt in the design. Please do not use any copyrighted candy, slogans, or images on the shirt. That means no Hershey’s Kisses shapes, or “Snickers Satisfies” on it. I don’t want to get in trouble with the candy companies. The design could be just text (a catchy/funny candy slogan), text and graphics, or just graphics.

So, if anyone has design skillz, send me a design! If I pick your design, you will get a permanent link on the t-shirt’s sale page that links to your homepage, design website, or whatever you want and you will get credit on the sale page as the designer of the shirt. You will get five of the shirts for free, and I’ll send you a bunch of candy within six months (I’ll squirrel away extras that I get).

For those that don’t have design skillz, but might want to buy one, let me know in the comments if you might be interested, and if so, what colors you recommend for the shirt, and what size you would want if you bought one (so I can get an idea of what sizes to order). Keep in mind, I will sell these shirts CHEAP. I don’t want to make much/any money on them, I really just want a few for myself. My goal is to sell these for less than $10 each but they will be done on good quality tees. You should be able to get one for less than $15 shipped. I’ll probably do an initial run of 50 shirts but if these sell well, I may do another batch at a slightly higher price. Maybe.

If I can’t find anyone with a good design idea, I may just hit up my sister (she does most of the graphics on the site) and see if she can come up with something.

Thoughts? Comments? If anyone knows of a website where designers hang out that I could mention this at, please let me know!

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15 Responses to “Candy Addict T-shirts”

  1. 1
    Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy says:

    MAKE CANDY, NOT WAR! with a lollipop sticking out of the end of a gun or cannon? :)

    Otherwise, I would suggest a shirt with \”Sugar\” in big letters and surrounded by as many translations of the word sugar (Zucchero, Azucar, Zucre, etc.)

    RESPONSE: Good ideas. Anyone want to create the designs?

  2. 2
    Sera says:

    Oooooo! I’ll give this a go! :)

  3. 3
    tonks says:

    I want one! No chance you\’ll offer youth or juniors sizes for the tiny addicts like me?

    RESPONSE: Sure! If there is enough people requesting them, I can do some in smaller sizes. Or, once I get the numbers worked out and the design worked out, you can pre-order and guarantee you\’ll get one. Just stay tuned to the site for updates!

  4. 4
    Girija says:

    I just discovered your site, i love it. I would want one of these shirts, you cant have too many tees.

    RESPONSE: Glad you like the site! Any preference on color? What size would you need?

  5. 5
    Kat says:

    I like the idea of the word Sugar in all the different languages and such. I’m not much for orange, but light blue or purple wouldn’t be bad. No red please, such an angry color to me. How about a 2x, yeah I’m an addict and it shows.

  6. 6
    Bear Silber says:

    Here’s those pictures again because they didn’t work the first time:

  7. 7
    Rich says:

    Candy, some love it some need it . I’ll take one or two.

  8. 8
    Sandra says:

    I would love to get a t shirt. I LOVE your site. It is awesome.

  9. 9
    ZoZoHarle says:

    @.@ This is SO AWESOME!!! Just today I was wishing there were buttons/pins with a Candy Addict logo on them I could buy! A t-shirt would be so (pardon the pun) SWEET!
    I’ll have to brainstorm some fun ideas… I would love to contribute if good stuff comes to mind! Good ideas so far from others, too! ^_^v

  10. 10
    Gene McCreary says:

    I would love to do a T-Shirt design for you. I would like to know what font your logo is. So if I can I would like to incorperate that so people get where it is from.

  11. 11
    Girija says:

    Orange, not too bright orange, more muted orange

    Medium/Large in case of shrinkage.

  12. 12
    g says:

    I’d get one… M or L. And possibly and XL for a friend.
    Any color but yellow or pink.

    Wish I had mad design skills, but alas, I am lacking. Hope someone can come up with something good.

  13. 13
    Laurel says:

    I want one of the Tshirts when the time comes to buy them!!!! Love this site and good ideas already posted. For color what about a red or purple…those colors make me think of candy! Let you know if I come up with anything……

  14. 14
    Emily says:

    OMG! i want one! i love this site!! I think a light blue or light pink would be great, with like a i know…you don’t want it, but a black one for my brother. He has ‘design skillz’ i’ll ask him if he wants to make one. Oh right sizes….women’s S for me and a men’s M for him. I’m so excited!!! or possibly hyper…hmm…lol. Yay!!!

  15. 15
    Renee says:

    I need a juniors extra small!!! That probably won’t even be small enough! You should attach a real piece of candy and make them for… like dogs!

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