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Chocolate Really Is the Best Medicine

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The Best Medicine Chocolate

I wrote about Hypodermic Needle Candy earlier this month, and now I’ve found another chocolate cure for the holiday blues. Whether you’re stuck in an emergency situation, obsessing over wrinkles, or trying to follow a healthy diet, The Best Medicine—Chocolate provides the answer you need. Ditch the painful injections and try dark chocolate Bochox to smooth your skin; scarf some Emergency Chocolate in times of trouble; and eat the milk chocolate Ultimate Balanced Diet to cover all your meals.

Like most quirky gifts, The Best Medicine is pricey ($19 for a pack of three 3.5oz bars), but it really is a clever package. I know I’d rather try Bochox over Botox for my crow’s feet. (I’m not sure why it’s listed in the Shoes & Accessories section of their website though.)

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2 Responses to “Chocolate Really Is the Best Medicine”

  1. 1
    ZoZoHarle says:

    Very cute! $19, though… Ouch! ^_~*

  2. 2
    jenny says: the 8th grade we are doing a science project that is about how candy and mediceine looks alike. we would like you to send us pictures of the medicine n candy that looks alkike along with the names so we could be able to know.

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