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Candy Review: Buzz Bites – Chocolate Energy Chews

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Vroom Foods Buzz Bites

Another in the crowded, but still-growing field of caffeinated candy, Buzz Bites by Vroom Foods (maker of Foosh Mints also) combine caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and other ingredients into what they call their “Proprietary Synergistic Energy Blend”. Just how how much caffeine do they contain? 100 mg per chew, which is roughly the equivalent of 1 cup of coffee. Each tin comes with six chews, so you get six cups of coffee worth of caffeine in every tin.

I tried one when I was feeling a little tired and sluggish, and honestly, I didn’t really feel any different. Maybe that’s because I already ingest a lot of caffeine on a daily basis though. I was surprised that these chews were so…chewy. They’re not really solid, at all, I expected them to at least have some substance. They’re actually a bit softer than a Tootsie roll.

There’s not very much to savor, as they are gone in a minute or less. They also tasted a little bitter to me. Well, bitter isn’t really the best word for it, they have this weird taste under the chocolate that I can’t really describe. They’re definitely not sweet, they’re just sort of ho-hum chocolate tasting.

So, as a candy, they just don’t deliver, but as a caffeine stimulant, they might be just the thing for you given that each one contains a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine and no worry of spilling hot coffee in your lap. They’re great for those times when you need a caffeine buzz but can’t get to any coffee. The taste does have a weird, bitterness to it, but you mostly get used to it after eating a few and you’re not eating these for the taste, honestly. The maker of Buzz Bites says the bitterness is actually from the caffeine itself since caffeine is very bitter. They have so much caffeine you can taste it!

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6 Responses to “Candy Review: Buzz Bites – Chocolate Energy Chews”

  1. 1
    Moko says:

    Ew. These sound like the kinds of candies my grandparents would keep in a jar for a year and offer to me to not yell during the news hour. Yuck.

  2. 2
    Koko says:

    Ew. Moko you sound like you were a terror child.

  3. 3
    Sheri says:

    I tried a half of a buzz bite and wasn’t too keen on the taste. I decided to try it again and I really actually liked the flavor. Loved how it made me feel. It gave me more endurance and energy without making me feel nervous- I was worried about that. Perfect for some added energy and it’s a lot cheaper than a Starbucks, oh and less fattening.!!!

  4. 4
    BuzzJunkie says:

    WOW!! 15 minutes after eating one Buzz Bite I felt a little tingly, just prior to the onset of an interesting body buzz. Definately awakened! They taste bitter from the caffeine content but its tolerable. I’m a fan!

  5. 5
    billie says:

    not quite like candy but not bad and you can carry them in your car or pocket and they do wake you up.

  6. 6
    Goosh says:

    They taste bitter at first, but its (like coffee) an aquired taste. I totally crave these things now, but i have to be careful how many i eat because they are so packed with caffeine!

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