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Candy Review: Chargers Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Eating a coffee bean sounds a little weird at first, but when you coat it with dark chocolate and a candy shell… a whole new world can open up to you. Chargers Candy sent me a free sample of one of their battery-shaped tins of Chargers Chocolate Espresso Beans (“Get Charged”), and I am really […]

Candy Addict T-shirts

I am a nut for T-shirts, and I have been dying to get some Candy Addict Tees printed up (mainly because I want one) so I’m finally going to do it. Problem is, I don’t have a design! So, let’s see if some reader (or friend of a reader) can come up with a great […]

Oddly Named Candy: Picnic Hedgehog

The guys at The Sugar Revolution have found another candy we can add to our ever-growing list of oddly named candies — this one is the Picnic Hedgehog. The reviewers of this curiously dubbed product say that milk chocolate smothers peanuts, chocolate fudge, biscuit pieces, caramel and wafers in a 45g bar. The Sugar Revolution […]

Chocolate Really Is the Best Medicine

I wrote about Hypodermic Needle Candy earlier this month, and now I’ve found another chocolate cure for the holiday blues. Whether you’re stuck in an emergency situation, obsessing over wrinkles, or trying to follow a healthy diet, The Best Medicine—Chocolate provides the answer you need. Ditch the painful injections and try dark chocolate Bochox to […]

The Jellybean Caper

Today, we stray slightly from our tried-and-true Candy Addict formula and present to you an original candy-themed story by one of our resident wordsmiths –Editor Picture, if you will, a typical New York City studio apartment. It’s small, it’s cramped, and the “river view” consists of a dirty brick wall with a sliver of blue […]