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Candy Addict is hiring!

UPDATE: We hired four new writers! If you’ve ever wanted to get free candy shipped to you and get paid to write about candy, now is your chance! Candy Addict is looking for another writer to add to the staff! What are we looking for in the ideal Candy Addict writer? A love of candy, [...]

Best Halloween articles from last year

Last year at this time, this site had just started up and nobody was reading it. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything good to read though. I wrote some funny/interesting Halloween posts last year that most of you probably never read, so I thought I would mention theme here: Halloween Candy Haikus Ten Things I [...]

Candy Pillows, Messenger Bags, and Tees

Looking for something new to drool over – or on, as the case may be? There are loads of candy-themed items online… you can find candy-shaped pillows, candy t-shirts, and candy-themed messenger bags – you’re almost sure to find something featuring your favorite candy, past or present. Be sure and check out this extensive collection [...]

Oddly-Named Candy: Wiener Nougat

I came across this one today while looking for something else – I swear I wasn’t googling “wiener” at work! I thought it was pretty funny, at least as candy names go. Manufactured by Fazer, a division of the Midco Company in Italy, this humorously-titled product is a combination of cocoa, sugar, and almonds. From [...]

Camouflaged Malted Milk Balls

Constantine over at Collateral Damage pointed me to his post about these Camo Malted Milk Balls. He says they were found at an LL Bean shop in Freeport, Maine and are made by Wilbur’s Chocolates. I checked their website but can’t seem to find them (though maybe they are on the site and I just [...]

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