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The 10 Worst Non-Candy Items Given at Halloween

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Trick or Treat

In no particular order….

  • Pennies: Who gives out pennies (or any other extremely low denomination of coin) on Halloween night!? I wouldn’t complain if it was a dollar, but pennies just don’t go as far as they used to. First of all, it is NOT CANDY! Second of all, there are no “penny” candy shops left out there.
  • Apples: That isn’t candy! That’s healthy stuff! It is true that there have been a couple of documented razorblade in the apple cases, and that is enough for me to stay away from them. Besides, this is the night for trick or treating, and if you hand out an apple, it is likely to end up in your flower garden or on your roof.
  • Raisins: Nope….Uh-uh…Not going in my mouth on Halloween. Unless, of course, they are Raisinettes!
  • Advice: “Look both ways before crossing the street,” should have already been beat into my head by my parents. That is not your job as the person who is giving me delicious treats!
  • Canned Food: A can of Sugar Beets or Candied Yams might seem great to some people, but it is not something to give to a trick-or-treater. It is likely to end up through a car window.
  • Stickers: Yeah, SpongeBob or Superman stickers are cool, but nobody wants them on Halloween. Now if you want to give a piece of candy and a sticker that’s fine, but don’t give just a sticker.
  • Coupons: Even coupons for free stuff are no good. Free Wendy’s Frostys or free McDonald’s french fries are normally good, but a kid wants the instant satisfaction of candy. With a coupon you have to remember to take them in the car then convince your parents to stop by to get you something free. Most of the time the coupons expire before you can use them anyway. Say no to coupons.
  • A Toothbrush: Yeah, yeah. We all know we should brush our teeth. We don’t need to get that message drilled into us by our neighbors.
  • Little Bags of Microwave Popcorn: Anything that requires the use of a 1000 watt kitchen appliance shouldn’t be given to kids on Halloween.
  • Homemade Anything: I don’t care if your cookies won blue ribbons at the county fair or your popcorn balls are the toast of the town, don’t put them in my Halloween bag. The parents won’t let us eat anything homemade anyway and your homemade treats will end up getting tossed in the trash anyway. Save your time and buy a big bag of candy at the local megamart.

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57 Responses to “The 10 Worst Non-Candy Items Given at Halloween”

  1. 1
    tonks says:

    I think there’s a penny candy shop in Pennsylvannia still.

  2. 2
    Autumn says:

    Let me add: packets of Pepperidge Farm (or other mass-manufactured, prepackaged sugar cookies):

    1) Children do not like plain sugar cookies (or at least I didn’t).
    2) Children cannot properly appreciate Pepperidge Farm cookies, for the most part.
    3) Those sugar cookies get HARD in the package, dammit!

  3. 3
    Robert says:

    tonks: Do they actually sell candy for 1 penny?!? Do I need to get a plane ticket? Tee hee.

  4. 4
    Halloween fun: Part 2 « Hard Drive Life says:

    [...] The definitive source for Halloween goodies is the Candy Addict blog.   Their postings today are a trove of spooky goodness, including the Top 10 Worst Non-Candy Items to Get on Halloween,  How Adult Can Get Candy While Trick-or-Treating Without Dressing Up, a review of Candy Corn-flavored soda and the Top 10 grossest candies for your Halloween party table (the worst candy?  The “lick your scabs” candy bandages). [...]

  5. 5
    Iportion says:

    I haven’t done trick or treating since I was 12 my sister was 20 something :-)
    But if I was I’d like raisons and Little Bags of Microwave Popcorn:
    Little Bags of Microwave Popcorn are cool you put some good pikes of chocolate after it’s made and it becomes so yummy.

    Raisins: I like them and I can melt choclolte on them mmmmmmmmmmmmm or put them in salads. Okay so I am weird.

    I love candy corn and lickerish

  6. 6
    tonks says:

    Robert I promise if I remember where it is and what it’s called I’ll tell you.

  7. 7
    hadia says:

    you can give me your email adress and plus your name and some questions about candy

  8. 8
    hadia says:

    i will give you my email to it is:


  9. 9
    IntelligentLittlePopTart. says:

    To anyone who’s looking for a penny candy store(and to the author, they do exist :D), there happens to be one in Littleton, New Hampshire. It is called Chutters, and it ALSO happens to have the world’s longest candy counter, it’s quite awesome if I do say so myself. Here’s a link to their website:

  10. 10
    Cat Skyfire says:

    IntelligentLittlePopTart: But are those items actually sold for a penny? Most times I find ‘penny candy’ the amount is more than a penny.

    Besides, if some kid gets a nickel in Nebraska, it’s not going to get them to New Hampshire…

  11. 11
    kjbrasda says:

    I would say the top worst non-candy trick or treat item would be a chick tract.

  12. 12
    kyle says:

    i actually smacked a person for giving me a toothbrush and advice.

  13. 13
    Rita says:

    I hate tootsie-rolls. I never eat them and they just sit in my halloween bag growing old. Most of the time they’re hard, but even when they aren’t…I just don’t like them. I’m also getting sick of Hersheys bars. Be a little more original, please! Everyone gives those out.

  14. 14
    freddie j says:

    I also really hate it when these lazy curmudgeons give you melted candy that has been sitting next to the front door for hours

  15. 15
    Karen says:

    You are so right, I’m an 8 year old trick or treater and all I want is candy that doesn’t suck. I hate freakin pennies and throw the away all the time – but for Halloween they really suck. I throw all the change I get (don’t think a kid even wants a freakin quarter now a days) into the trash with those suck ass apples!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Maricela[MCRmy]Murder. says:

    candy corn should be one of them.
    it doesn’t taste like candy or corn.

  17. 17
    Emma says:

    May I add religious pamphlets?
    Not a good treat AND annoyingly uncomfortable.

  18. 18
    Kaylil97 says:

    I don’t like those little treat bags with the pencil and the other little cheap toys. Funny story, this Halloween we got these bags with cheap pencils, a paper airplane and an ad for gutter cleaning!!

  19. 19
    redhead says:

    Best non-candy treat I’ve found is glow bracelets. You can get them 100/$7 if you shop around online(which is what you’d spend on two bags of candy anyway), kids go insane for them, added safety crossing street bonus… This year I literally had to have an extra person because of the trick or treater traffic and keeping kids from robbing me wholesale of half a dozen of them.

  20. 20
    Caitlin says:

    We had someone give out glow bracelets to the kids this year as well. It was a very good idea and the kids loved them. The folks giving them out even activated them and put them together, which was very nice of them. If you’re not going to give out candy, I’d say glow bracelets/necklaces are a great second choice!

  21. 21
    Tom says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first to mention those vile peanut butter kisses! They were horrible back then, they’re still horrible today…why they still make them, I can’t imagine–does ANYONE like/eat these?

  22. 22
    Ashley says:

    i live in milford, connecticut and there is stil a penny candy shop down town it they have been in business for EVER!! and they have sky bars and other homemade stuff!!! its called Wandas Sugar Shack if you ever come to milford you should check it out its kind small tho

  23. 23
    jason says:

    I love the really old fashioned type of sweet shop, it’s a shame most are dying out.
    With regrads to trick or treat, never give me fruit! lol

  24. 24
    Dragon-chan says:

    I disagree. You can hand your homemades off to me, that stuff is the shiz.

  25. 25
    MillieVannilie says:

    i love popcorn balls and pepermint wafers

  26. 26
    Sparkina67 says:

    Gee, Tom, I think the PB molasses kisses taste absolutely divine! (I’m in the minority) Send ‘em my way :-)

  27. 27
    sophie says:

    some of my faverit candy’s r dots,tootis pops, almost evry candy ecsept candy corn

  28. 28
    James Maggert says:

    The good ol days.

  29. 29
    Haribo Hippo says:

    great article! better than getting rocks or razor blades.

  30. 30
    dessie says:


  31. 31
    dessie says:


  32. 32
    Scrunchie Bunch says:

    In my younger days I ate my fair share of candy,now as an adult I love to possess it,to have it around for all to enjoy,halloween is a big deal to me:O)

  33. 33
    Hannah F. says:

    The worst is Good’n'Plenty. That candy shell-coated licorice? That stuff is nasty.

  34. 34
    Lynda says:

    Yes the worst ones here are definately listed. The thought of apples, or toothbrushes….how did they come about. Popcorn is maybe not so bad but what’s halloween without the candy and all the fun that goes along.


  35. 35
    laura says:

    I’m pretty sure the pennies hearken back to the “trick or treat for unicef” days. I’m not sure if unicef is still using children to do their fund-raising, but that’s where the pennies and other coins used to go when I was a kid, and usually people with pennies also still gave out candy.

  36. 36
    Marie Cullan says:

    i enjoy mini bags of microwave pop corn!!! they are less cals and still all the good!!

  37. 37
    Eileen 88 says:

    there should be a rule for the kind of candy given out too. NO MORE CANDY CORN yuck. i hate it. Chocolate, lollipops, and sour stuff are awesome

  38. 38
    juanito says:

    dont forget cans of soda, once my dad said we could only stop at one house that halloween cuz we were travling and the guy gives me a fanta. really? my dad doesnt let me drink in the car so it got warm, eww @ ashley i might check out that store, i live near milford lol

  39. 39
    Haley says:

    who in the world whould want a toothbrush honestly!!!!

  40. 40
    lollirocks says:

    Ooh I liv in New Haven so I cld go there! Sweet ! Litereally.

  41. 41
    trevor says:

    its so hard too get reece peanut butter cups these days for halloween…you always get those gross snicker’s (sorry i dont like peanuts in my chocolate!)

  42. 42
    will says:

    there was a guy giving out sardines and soap in my naighborhood in the past

  43. 43
    April says:

    wanna hear something sad? I moved down to central florida last year from Michigan. Halloween is a big deal up there. Lots of fun. My kids got all dressed up for the big day of Trick Or Treating (its my youngest daughters Bday..isnt she lucky!) and NOBODY gives out candy down here. The streets were empty. How disapointing. I guess its just not how it used to be. Out late…running from door to door like a crazy maniac…laughing and comparing loot. …ah..the memories. lol. As for the candy…I always hated when older people would give out butterscotch disks or peppermints. Most of the time they looked like they were already sucked on. gross.

  44. 44
    Dracolth says:

    One Halloween my friends mom told me to go to the Crankiest-man-in-the-world’s house and he sprayed me with his hose and ruined my candy. What a douchebag. And the last house was this stuck-up rich guy’s and he gave me a mint. >:-(

  45. 45
    Janelle says:

    The worst Halloween treat I ever got was an unbaked sweet potato. My favorite treat was Milk Duds.

  46. 46
    tomtom says:

    the story about razor blades in the apples is just that a story probly started by the candy fact the only cases of halloween treats being messed with involve family members.i remember back when people wern’t afraid of thier niegbors.we didn’t need parents to trick or treat with us.and the best treats were the homemade cities and towns tell you when and where your kids can trick or treat.when did we become so paranoid?

  47. 47
    Kayla says:

    Okay why would you give out a tooth brush that is just wrong and whats with rasins there just dried grapes and know one wants and apple for Halloween unless it is in caramel or dipped in candy that is just un American giving out fruit for Halloween.

  48. 48
    Brett says:

    Actually I loved going to this one house and getting homemade, baked doughnuts. We used to eat them right there, BEFORE going home. I’d eat a dozen right there, with milk. The house still exists, but I think the people are gone from it. But in the 80′s when I did my candy rounds on Halloween, there was nothing more delicious and non-nutritious than a good old powdered or cinnamon doughnut fresh from the doughnut maker.

  49. 49
    Holly says:

    People in our town have been handing out cans of pop for years. I know its probably cheaper than candy, but those poor liitle kids hauling around all those cans. I feel sorry for them.

  50. 50
    lyndas says:

    I remember getting pennies for halloween from the doctor in our small town so many many years ago. Nobody does that anymore and besides the penny won’t buy anything these days.

  51. 51
    marymamma says:

    this guy told me that when he runs out of candy for the trick or treaters, he just pour some fruit loops into the bags.
    that’s disgraceful!

  52. 52
    Jerry says:

    Kids might not like pennies or quarters – but they love dollar bills. Last Halloween I spiked the candy dish with rolled up dollar bills – the kids loved it! We don’t get tons of kids so for 20 bucks it was affordable fun, and yes, once the word spread – they came back for more!

  53. 53
    Breathalyzer Reviews says:

    Wow, do people really give out coupons at halloween? That is really bad! Ever seen a kid go into a store and use a coupon? This is supposed to be a fun holiday! Give em some candy!

  54. 54
    Cilla says:

    Haha, I am actually a halloween baby! My mum baked me a cake that looked like a pumpkin every year until I was about 14 and then I had to say ‘Sorry mum but can I not have an orange cake this year!’ I do like it when the kids come around for trick or treat but I think there is sometimes a little to much expectation on their behalf. A lot of the kids by me just want hard cash – hardly the spirit of Halloween!

  55. 55
    Pamela Sherman says:

    Hey, I have a kind of make shift candy store in my house for my trick or treators. I buy at least 30 kinds of candy with displays. But I am so disappionted this year with the candy. Give me ideals on what would be cool.

  56. 56
    Dr. John Chen says:

    Many years ago when I just landed on Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, as a student, I was introduced to my first Halloween.

    Seeing kids going around at night gathering treats was very much fun to me as a first-timer; however, I was horrified when I heard that some ill-hearted people put some sharp objects into those non-candies treats such as apple, marsh mellow, etc on purpose.

    From then on, I’d caution every parent to double check on the received treats before letting their kids consume them.

  57. 57
    Joe says:

    I hated apples as Halloween treats. They weren’t the nice, big, crisp ones your Mom would buy you at the grocery store, they were the “seconds” or “thirds” that were stuffed in a plastic bag. They were soft, and mushy and mealy. Every house in my neighborhood that handed out apples got them back as applesauce. On their garage door or their cars!

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