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Happy Halloween from Candy Addict

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of us here at Candy Addict! For us, this is the most joyous time of year. Think of it – total strangers will give you candy – all you have to do is wear a costume! How cool is that?

May all of your baskets, bags, satchels, pillowcases, buckets, sacks, (or whatever you collect candy in) be filled with full sized candy bars instead of fun-sized candy and may all the candy you get be candy you actually like.

Be safe out there.


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2 Responses to “Happy Halloween from Candy Addict”

  1. 1
    Rhea says:

    Do you go trick or treating? How old are you? I would love to get the candy but I am in my 40s! I love this holiday, though, so I will be taking my dog out there in a costume tonight.

  2. 2
    Robert says:

    Kids are a great excuse…. and if you don’t have any kids, join a large group. Wear a mask and everyone will assume you are a parent! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. If you wear a really scary costume they probably won’t even bother to talk to you…. but be careful, they may call the cops on you for being a scary stalker. Your best bet is to stay behind the group as they walk from house to house, and then “catch up” while they are being handed treats. ;) Have a happy treat-filled Halloween!

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