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Candy Review: Bug Factor Candy

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Bug Factor Arackneggz
Bug Factor Arackneggz

Bug Factor is a new line of candy from the Hasbro corporation, and they’re the perfect “gross-out” candy to give out this Halloween. Coming in 3 regular varieties, there is the Arackneggz, Bug Gutz, and Bug Factor Lollipop. Each is designed to simulate the eating of different portions of different bugs.

First up, we have Arackneggz. Modeled after a spider, this candy has a plastic spider body with a plastic squeezable “egg sack” at the rear containing a red gel with “spider eggs” inside. To be honest, the candy isn’t very good. The candy is super sweet, and vaguely strawberry in taste. You have to use scissors to open the package, so there is no saving it for later. Eat it all once you open it or you lose it.

Bug Factor Bug Gutz
Bug Factor Bug Gutz

Bug Gutz requires you to actually twist off the head of a giant plastic bug, and then squeeze its abdomen, which emits a squirt of sour cherry flavored goo into your mouth. This was the most flavorful of the three I tried, with a sour cherry flavor, but also the grossest to eat, even though it’s clearly a fake bug.

The best thing about this is the realistic plastic bug container. Once the candy is gone, you have a big fake bug to scare friends and family with. it comes in numerous different bug shapes like spiders, cockroaches, dung beetles(?), and others I couldn’t identify (but they were gross-looking).

Bug Factor Lollipops
Bug Factor Lollipops

The final candy in the Bug Factor trio is the Bug Factor Lollipop. This is a green apple flavored lollipop containing a fake bug inside of it. There are 6 different types of bugs that can come in the lollipops and they are all very realistic. I had to read the ingredients to make sure they weren’t real bugs, they look that good. The green apple lollipop was good, but the real fun for kids will be eating a lollipop with a fake bug in it.

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    bob says:

    i hate you you did not call me and you said you would bober why have you cheated on me WHYYYYY

  2. 2
    Windmill says:

    i like the idea of bug candy. but who would buy it?

  3. 3
    Windmill says:

    Bob is desperate! LMAO :)

  4. 4
    Bugs says:

    where can i get candy that does have bugs in it

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    Lollirocks  says:

    What the h3ll bob?

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