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Another Oddly Named Candy: Pigall

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Cybele over at The Candy Blog has come across another oddly-named candy for us to add to our collection. This one is a chocolate bar called Pigall and is made by Marabou which is part of the Nordic division of Kraft Foods (so don’t expect to see it in U.S. stores). In general, naming a food with “Pig” in its name is probably not a good idea unless it actually is made from pig (and it still might not be ok in that case). The Pigall certainly looks more appealing than eating a pig (and we’ve certainly seen plenty of candy related to pigs and bacon).

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One Response to “Another Oddly Named Candy: Pigall”

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    Johanna says:

    Pigall is a swedish candy bar so it has a swedish name which doesn’t mean anything at all.

    “Pig” in swedsh is “gris” so if we wanted to name the bar after a pig it would’ve been called Grisall.

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