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Candy Review: Jumbo Jumpin’ Push Pop

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Push Pops

You can now officially file spring-loaded Push Pops under “Candy I Fear.” I bought the 1.06oz Twisted Strawberry Watermelon Jumbo Jumpin’ Push Pop for less than a buck at a drugstore. The outside is similar to what I remember original Push Pops looking like, but inside the cylinder, the hard candy sits on top of a spring. When I uncapped the contraption, a green and red striped wand shot a couple of inches out of the package. There’s just something unsettling about the whole deal. Buy one and you’ll understand.

Credit goes to the spring manufacturers—the candy had the same jump every time I pushed it down and turned loose. The candy is tasty enough, with both strawberry and watermelon distinctly present. I didn’t come anywhere near finishing it, mainly because I just got sick of dealing with it. Maybe I had more patience as a child. I used to love the old-school Push Pops that I actually had to push.

Pushy the kangaroo (at least I think he’s a ‘roo) celebrates the jumping pops by wearing springs on his feet at the official Push Pop website. He, well, his creators, say this about the pops:

“Now Push Pops are spring loaded! So your Push Pop pops UP, pops UP, pops UP all by itself! No more sticky fingers!!! But still the same great taste! You push it, you lick it, you cap it, you save it – it’s easy!”

I can’t argue with any of those claims, but the candy really is startling—even when you know to expect a jumping sugary rod. The Jumbo variety comes in cherry, watermelon, strawberry, or blue raspberry in the original one-flavor style, plus berry blast, strawberry watermelon, and cotton candy bubble gum in the twisted category. I won’t buy any more Push Pops for a while, but I recommend picking one up for a few minutes of entertainment and a good conversation starter.

Buy Push Pops online:

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