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Happy Halloween from Candy Addict

Happy Halloween to all of us here at Candy Addict! For us, this is the most joyous time of year. Think of it – total strangers will give you candy – all you have to do is wear a costume! How cool is that? May all of your baskets, bags, satchels, pillowcases, buckets, sacks, (or […]

The 10 Worst Non-Candy Items Given at Halloween

In no particular order…. Pennies: Who gives out pennies (or any other extremely low denomination of coin) on Halloween night!? I wouldn’t complain if it was a dollar, but pennies just don’t go as far as they used to. First of all, it is NOT CANDY! Second of all, there are no “penny” candy shops […]

How Adults Can Get Candy Without Dressing Up on Halloween

Heading out with your kids to go trick-or-treating this Tuesday? Here are some tips you might find handy. If using a child under the age of one year as your shill, keep these guidelines in mind: Children under the age of one shouldn’t eat chocolate, nuts, honey, or anything they could choke on. This pretty […]

Review: Candy Corn Soda from Jones Soda and Target

Once again, Target has cute four-packs of Limited Edition Halloween soda available. I had seen the Candy Corn Soda last year but missed out on getting some. This year, I managed to snag a 4-pack for a measly $1.49 at Target. They are made by the Jones Soda Company and since they make some great […]

Candy Review: Bug Factor Candy

Bug Factor Arackneggz Bug Factor is a new line of candy from the Hasbro corporation, and they’re the perfect “gross-out” candy to give out this Halloween. Coming in 3 regular varieties, there is the Arackneggz, Bug Gutz, and Bug Factor Lollipop. Each is designed to simulate the eating of different portions of different bugs.