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Candy-shaped Pasta

Trying to get your kids to eat their spinach (though you may not want to with the recent spinach problems in the U.S.)? Why not try these cheese and spinach candy-shaped raviolis? By using two different colors of home-made pasta (one with semolina, the other with tomato puree), Gattina has created an irresistable yet healthy […]

Candy Review: Anise Bears

(picture from Licorice International) When I saw these tasty looking little bears in one of my favorite Cape Cod candy shops, I just knew I had to have them. Gum drops plus licorice in a cute little bear shaped package… what could be better? The bears are larger than a regular gumdrop, but are the […]

Fizzy Creaming Soda Candy

Once again I have stumbled upon another oddly-named candy – this time it’s Fizzy Creaming Soda Candy. According to the website, it comes in ” Ruspberry and Soda Flavour”. I can only assume they meant cream soda – or maybe even creamy soda. I’m not going to try and read anything else into that name. […]

Psycho Funky Chimp – a Hollywood PEZ movie

(A PEZ monkey, not the Psycho Funky Chimp dispenser) First-time film director Ruben Fleisher is currently working on a movie which revolves around a 26 year old who buys the rarest PEZ dispenser in the world, the Psycho Funky Chimp (a fictional PEZ dispenser). Once the 26 year old main character (yet uncast) purchases the […]

Gummi Bear Jewelry

What could be better than a bag of soft, delicious gummi bears? A bracelet full of them, of course! But, rather than have a sticky mess of half melted gummi bears hanging from your wrist, why not try some of these gummi bear charms, made by Luster from artist’s resin. Available on a number of […]