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Find Mr. or Miss Right with the help of the Dentyne website

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Not many gum/candy websites open with a man and woman discussing “hunting tools” to find Mr. or Miss Right. I think it’s safe to say Dentyne’s site is a unique addition to the world of candy/gum websites. The voices get kind of annoying after a while, but the site’s really fun to explore.

The idea is to pick up tips and props to help you find your ideal mate. Pictures of kids, puppies, cars, and other supposedly impressive photos can be printed from the site. You can even create and print business cards to give yourself a new occupation like Runway Model or Celebrity Publicist or Poker Instructor. If you really want to get extreme, you can download fake newspaper stories and add your information to the articles, and “rent a foreign accent.”

The site’s clever and funny, and definitely worth a look for a laugh. I don’t plan to rent an accent or create a new occupation, but I do like most Dentyne gum, and I can appreciate the company’s creativity. Happy Hunting!

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2 Responses to “Find Mr. or Miss Right with the help of the Dentyne website”

  1. 1
    Patti DelValle says:

    Use a card from here and this gum- what a gift!

  2. 2
    billy says:

    what a total rip off of the axe gamekillers idea….and not nearly as funny.

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