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Categories: Candy,Gross Candy – The Ultimate Bad Candy Website claims to be the number one source for “low brow, racially slanted humor for over five years.” To figure out what that means, you have to wade through text-heavy posts and get used to thick sarcasm. Reading it is a decent way to kill time, but don’t let your boss peak in your cubicle while you’re perusing Mark and Ben’s articles. The site is full of cusswords and harsh commentary, so if you’re easily offended, isn’t for you.

I’m not easily offended, so I didn’t mind checking out the site. Those guys don’t delicately tread around with niceties in their reviews. They have some great rips on Circus Peanuts, Chamoy of Fruit, and other products they find distasteful.

It’s not the most comprehensive or routinely updated site out there, but it wins points for being unique, and readers are welcome to participate. A message board is set up that has hundreds of submissions about bad candy and random topics. Some of the stories are very funny, and a great one about boiling and freezing Circus Peanuts is posted on the homepage. You just never know what people do in their private time, but lets you catch a glimpse behind the doors of some interesting candy consumers.

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