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Candy Review: Flicks Chocolate Flavored Wafers

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We previously discussed sneaking candy into movie theatres, and I recently found another great reason to carry a big bag to matinees. Flicks chocolate-flavored wafers are packaged in protective tubes for both portability and pourability.

According to the Flicks website, the candy was first produced in 1904 and held strong until the late 80s. Damage to production machinery kept the candy off the market until a mechanical redesign helped resurrect the brand in 2004. Lucky for us theatre-sneakers, the tubes are available across the country for under $2.00.

I was a little confused when I got my sample box, because the tubes were four different colors—green, red, blue, and yellow—and I didn’t know if each color signified a flavor. The packaging said “wafers,” and I expected a cookie-like product. The colors are merely for fun, and there’s no cookie—just very tasty, smooth milk chocolate.

The candy itself is shaped like large, semi-flat chocolate chips, and there’s plenty of it loaded into each tube. The tubes’ ends can be easily recapped if you can’t finish all the chocolate in one sitting. Mine never got recapped, but I did share and still felt satisfied.

I didn’t make it to the theatre when I tried Flicks—in fact, I didn’t even turn on the TV—but the next time I sit in front of the big screen, it’ll probably be with a purse full of Flicks.

Buy Flicks online:

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10 Responses to “Candy Review: Flicks Chocolate Flavored Wafers”

  1. 1
    Joanna says:

    How can any self-proclaimed lover of chocolate condone these? I ate them as a kid, and even then I knew they were crap. Yeah, they are nostalgic, but the key words on the label are chocolate-FLAVORED. It is not even real chocolate! That is a serious cop-out. These are the WORST. You would do MUCH better with a bag of chocolate chips – even generic, bulk-food M&Ms would taste better. Man alive, this is some BAD CANDY! For the love of GOD (and chocolate), steer your readers CLEAR of this imposter.

    RESPONSE: Reviews are all just opinions – there is no right or wrong. Caitlin loathes M&Ms:
    and she loves licorice. I love M&Ms and hate licorice. Go figure.

    I have not tried Flicks, but if I try them and my opinion differs I will add my opinion to the review :)

  2. 2
    J. Schirmacher says:

    I love Flicks Candy, even now as a 56 year old adult!

    I loved Flicks as a child, and I’m glad they are back.

    I haven’t seen them at the movie theaters yet, but I have seen them (and purchased them repeatedly!) at other stores including Cost Plus World Market and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ve treated myself and my son several times (I even snuck some into the theater a few months ago in my girlfriend’s purse) and we all LOVE the sweet smooth chocolaty flavor of Flicks.

    Flicks never pretended to be chocolate. It doesn’t have to; it’s delicious just the way it is! Can’t wait to see them at the movies so I don’t have to smuggle them in anymore!

  3. 3
    Victoria says:

    Joanna, I’ll go with ya on the “chocolate-flavored” label, but I still think the candy tastes great. What type of chocolate is your favorite? Just curious. :)

  4. 4
    OldTime Flicks says:

    I distinctly remember these as a child growing up. They were my favorite candy in movie theaters. I was somewhat surprised to find them once again on the candy shelf near the checkout stand at a dept store. I reminisced and bought (2) tubes and expecting to share them with my wife when I got home. Imagine my surprise when I was no longer able to contain my anticipation since no one was at home at I could not wait any longer to taste this once long gone candy! Ewwwwwwww!
    I am sorry but maybe my memory does not serve me right, it no longer tasted like the Flicks from long ago! All things considered, they could have the same recipe but then again, way back when the companies used REAL ingredients to make confections. Like all good things, it comes to an end. Sadly I cannot say that I shared in the exuberance as some Flicks lovers can say. However, I am still excited that they have revived the candy, if only for memory sake.

  5. 5
    Chris says:

    for those of you that are compairing Flicks with milk chocolate please stop ! they are not supposed to taste like milk chocolate but rather coca instead. I hate milk chocolate and that’s why I liked Flicks instead. I think it’s kinda lame that they quit making them for 15 years because the machine broke. As popular as they were you would think that they would machine a few new parts or make a new one… duh! The last time I had a tube was at a gift shop across from the original MGM in Las Vegas back in 1989. They didn’t have plastic end caps though. The foil paper was folded around the tube. remember ?? christopheralex5@hotmail

  6. 6
    Jim C. says:

    Flicks were originally made by Ghirardelli in San Francisco, with their own type of pure, semi-dark chocolate, so I can’t imagine that these will be as good. They were available retail in California.

    I heard they were taken off the market years ago because they were expensive to produce and ship.

  7. 7
    Heather says:

    Flicks were awesome when I was growing up in the 70s-80s. They were packaged in bright red green or blue tubes with just cardboard and paper. I found them a couple of years ago on a mostalgic candy website and was thrilled – BUT – when they arrived they tasted nothing like the original….and they were NEVER meant to taste like milk chocolate. They were chocolate tasting and oily and yummy!!! Some things just can’t be duplicated. Now if only someone on the East Coast sold Idaho Spuds, I would be set!

  8. 8
    cindi says:

    As a child I absolutely loved flicks. I have tried the newly repackaged flicks and can say for sure that is not the same candy I used to love.

  9. 9
    Cj says:

    Flicks was my most MOST favorite Theatre candy, so needless to say, I was not happy when they went out of business. Last year I found them at a little candy store here locally in Coeur d’ Alene, ID, and I was so excited. I bought all that they had and couldn’t wait to pop one in my mouth. Hmmmmmmmmmm????, was my thought after I tasted one. I tried a few more and it occured to me that they tasted differently than I remembered. I had intended to give some to my friends for Christmas but I decided not to so now I have several of these Flick tubes that I will refill with Wilton’s (Light Cocoa) Candy Melts. These candy melts (bought at JO-ANN’s Fabrics in the candy making isle) are much more the tatse I remember.

  10. 10
    Rob says:

    My step daughter brought two tubes home from her work a Shell station. I had heard recently, that a new company is making the former Ghirardelli treat. I’m so glad that this new company Tjerrild got the original recipe and the original machine, that Ghirardelli was too lazy to fix. I was so stoked when by surprise my step-daughter brought two tubes home. Once I opened the little tube and took out two of the chocolate candies, I stepped back into time, to a time when my family used to visit my grandparents in Oroville Calif. We always got a tube to take with us when we went home. They never survived the trip because they were gone when we got home. My daughter got a tube from her half-sister. She remembers them, because I used to buy them for her. She too remembers them fondly. I’m so glad this candy is back, and they taste as good as I remember them. Although they seemed bigger when I was a kid. Probably because I was a lot smaller then, than I am now. Well that was 50 years ago. I truly love FLICKS and glad they’re back.

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