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Bubble Gum Booster for ABC Gum

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Bubble Gum Booster

Bubble Gum Booster’s general concept is this: your gum loses its flavor, so you stick it in the plastic contraption. Close the lid and you shake the contraption causing little pieces of colored candy to stick to your flavorless gum. Take your gum out of the booster and chew it again. Mmmm, new flavor.

This product probably works best with really soft sugary gum because some gum just isn’t sticky after the flavor is gone. Your gum must be sticky for this thing to work. If you really want to test this out, get some Nihilist Flavorless Gum that way you won’t have any lingering mint or other flavors to clog up your experience. For added grossness you can use actual ABC Gum.

Let’s not even get into the disgustingness of putting spit-covered gum in this thing multiple times (over a course of days even). Can you imagine what probably starts growing in there? And think of the kids sharing this thing and swapping spit all around. Yuck!

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3 Responses to “Bubble Gum Booster for ABC Gum”

  1. 1
    Cat says:

    It seems like it would be easier just to sell a tube of ‘flavor booster’, that you add by adding a few to your mouth, rather than having to mess with the gum going in and out of a container.

    But then, I used to do that with chiclets tiny size anyway…add a couple pieces when my gum lost flavor.

  2. 2
    BlogGrab says:

    Candy Addict…

    If you consider yourself a candy lover then this is the blog for you. About two posts per day showcasing the very best candy in the world. Bubble gum, licorice, moon pies, you name it. It’s all here. If you love candy or your kids do, then don&#…

  3. 3
    Rhea says:

    This is a kinda cool idea. But it seems just as easy to get a new piece of gum.

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